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Transform your business intelligence Toggl Insights

Make your data work for you

Toggl Insights is a new platform exclusively for Premium & Enterprise that will crunch your Toggl data and give you visual analytics & business intelligence to help drive decisions.

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New Feature: User Costs

Alongside Insights we will debut a new cost-per-user feature that will allow you to set hourly costs for each of your team members. Insights can now help you make hiring & personnel decisions.

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First insight: Profitability!

Insights' debut chart will show you project profitability to determine which projects are working, and which ones aren’t.

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Employee CostProject Revenue100200300400500Mon1/4Tue2/4Wed3/4Thu4/4Fri5/4

And this is just the beginning.

We already have 5 other charts planned,
and more will be added from your feedback.

It's here!

Toggl Insights is available to all Premium & Enterprise users.

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