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Toggl is coming to Japan

Can you help us make it great?


TogglMan looking at the phone Toggl iOS app

We’re about to translate our apps to Japanese and we need your help to get it right!

Start translating

The whole process will happen on GitHub, where you can collaborate with others to make sure that all translations are accurate and understandable.

How can I help?

We’re looking for people who can help us translate our mobile apps from English to Japanese, preferably native speakers who have been using our Toggl apps already.

However, you could also potentially help if you're a Japanese language enthusiast who knows your way around mobile apps! Check out our GitHub project to get started.

How does it work?

For managing the translation process, we are using GitHub. Follow the link and you will find instructions on how the translation process works, whether there are any open translation requests, what are we (and other contributors) already working on, and how you can contribute as well.

Are there any rewards?

You betcha! After the app has gone live and your contribution has been included, we’ll make sure to reach out to you to send some cool Toggl swag your way!

Not sure you can help, but
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