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Get original data or infographics for publishing!

We occasionally put out awesome stuff for journalists and bloggers to publish. These include original infographics (or infocomics as we like to call them), survey data, time tracking/productivity metrics and press releases. We will share these things first with this mailing list and later publish them on our own channels.

Toggl in a Few Words

Insanely simple time tracking, Toggl kills timesheets. It’s the best time tracking system for small businesses and freelancers. A simple online timer with powerful reports and team management features. Syncs with iOS & Android app and integrates with close to 100 other tools.

The main benefits of Toggl include:

  • Better internal resource planning for businesses
  • Accurate and transparent client billing
  • Making work time more focused, increasing productivity
  • Giving managers overview of their team’s work

If you’re curious for more information or would like to write about Toggl, feel free to reach out to our Marketing team at support@toggl.com.

All of the data and content that we put out can be used for publishing, just make sure to link to https://toggl.com. We encourage you to try out Toggl and cover it for your audience.

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Toggl's History

Toggl was created in 2006 by current Chairman of the Board, Alari Aho and CEO, Krister Haav in Tallinn, Estonia. It has been bootstrapped from the start and in August 2016, it had over 1.6 million registered users. Majority of the users are based in the USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Germany and Australia. In 2014, Toggl made the switch from a Tallinn-based company to a fully remote company. This has allowed the team to grow internationally, now employing people from all over the world (close to 75 employees in February 2019).

Learn more from Toggl Chairman, Alari Aho’s book “Bootstrapping to Success” [Unpublished]

Read the chapters in Medium

Toggl's Manifesto

The main values we uphold and our ways of working have developed over the years from the cooperation between the people we have had the pleasure to work with. People are everything! Here is how we try to make Toggl the best place to work for you:

Global team, common goal
We are a truly global company with employees living all over the world. Each and every one of these people mean the world to us and we want to give everyone the same treatment and benefits. We are huge fans of remote work, because it gives us all the most freedom to make the best decisions for ourselves. Our office in Tallinn is simply the central home, where we get together once in a while, but its importance should not be overemphasized. What we care about is that you contribute, not where you do it from. Epic people do awesome stuff anywhere.

Happy people = great work
We want Toggl to mean more to you than just a company that helps you pay the bills. We are a group of friends that enjoy each other’s company online and in real life. We cherish the times when we get together after working hours and travel together, because it lets us have fun, charge our batteries and sometimes get inspiration for the best product development ideas (this has happened in the sauna!). Besides, it is a proven fact that happy team members are more productive, engaged and successful.

Open communication, no blame games
The best way to overcome problems is to discuss them openly. Try to work towards a solution and avoid blaming others. In remote teams it’s really important to even overshare information. Many misunderstandings are caused by mistaken assumptions, lack of information and insufficient communication.

Small teams, simple setup
Team setup in Toggl is really simple. We see teams as small organic cells of 3-5 people. There is usually someone in charge of the cell, a team lead. It is her/his responsibility to coordinate workload, and help share information in order to simplify team members’ work.

No Kindergarten. Freedom + Trust = Reliability
Toggl team members put a lot of trust into each other. Based on our experience, this is the most efficient way to cooperate. Freedom of action combined with a lot of trust keeps away the ‘Kindergarten Syndrome’, which would force managers to control and monitor many aspects of the team members’ lives. We don’t want to do that. Instead, we want to have colleagues who put in a lot of effort to be reliable, and thereby earn each other's trust.

Hire hard, manage open
We are not in a hurry when hiring people. A wrong decision means months of agony. We look for people who can first and foremost operate independently. And then as team members. We want people who do not need to be spoon-fed and like to take charge of their own work.

Does it scale?
Half-jokingly we can say that servers do all the work in Toggl. 24/7. We, the people, are here just to make the machines work smarter. This is why we always ask ourselves when making decisions - ‘Does it scale?’. Does the decision help us grow faster, remove any bottlenecks, automate some part of the work, give users more power to help themselves?

Constant learning
Technologies, platforms, products and ways of working change in a rapid pace. We embrace any technology that can provide us value. Experience and good judgement help us make decisions about what technologies and working methods to use. We aim to always keep an open mind and move along with the developments.

No dogmas
There should not be any dogmas that invalidate choices without a debate or thinking twice. What we know now is probably not so valuable the day after tomorrow. We are careful not to justify our decision with the ‘Historical Reasons Argument’ (we do it because we did it last year) and the ‘Not Invented Here Argument’ (other peoples’ solutions suck every time).

Decisions based on metrics (almost)
Making decisions based on numbers makes so much more sense than guesstimating. The majority of our teams have their own metrics, which are related to code speed, quality, user conversions, etc. We aim to have a long term vision for a year or more, and tactical goals for 3-month-periods. However, sometimes you just have to set numbers aside and decide on your instinct. You will know when to do that.

Just go for it
Our aim is to have constant progress at a steady pace. If you are puzzled whether you should release your work or not, then just go for launching it. Whether it is a piece of code, a blog post or a newsletter, just share it with the world. One small step at a time.

Rapid feedback
Rapid feedback cycle is one of the less discussed Wonders of the World. This is how it works: Launch -> Get feedback -> Fix -> Launch -> Get feedback… You get the point, rinse and repeat. The trick is to get into a good rhythm, and make it really easy for users to talk to you. It is magical how fast you can improve things through small but constant iterations.

Cater to the customers
We have tried to define our customers’ profiles for years. After over sixty thousand support cases and hundreds of face-to-face meetings we have learned that there are many different teams using Toggl and Toggl Plan in many different ways. That the more we grow, the larger this variety gets. Still, our customers have one thing in common - their mindset. They are smart, open, friendly and productive. This is also what we desire to be.

Better, not more features
The number of features in our products is not important. The competition is not for the biggest, but for the best and most user friendly set of features. Sometimes removing a feature improves the product experience much more than adding one.

Improving through experimenting
The best way to avoid the ‘Analysis Paralysis Syndrome’ is to test ideas in an experimental fashion. You do not have to bet the house. Simply set up a secure environment, so that in case of failure you would not be in too much trouble. It is ok to fail, because this is often the best way to learn new things. But, once in a while your experiments will be successful, and quite often in most surprising ways. You can count on that.

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