Reduce your workload with Toggl Premium

Toggl Premium is the leading team time tracking & analytics tool.

Feature rich and easy to use, it’s perfect for helping you manage your team’s time effortlessly and making informed decisions about your business.

Toggl Premium Time Tracking For Teams

Track how profitable your company is

Toggl Insights gives you powerful business intelligence. Discover which projects are profitable, which employees are the most efficient, and what’s bringing in the most money. The comprehensive charts provide you with valuable business insights, helping you plan your resources more efficiently.

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Time-saving features that make team tracking a breeze

  1. Automatically send team’s reports to your email

    No more manually downloading the same reports each week. Schedule them to regularly arrive to your inbox. You’ll always stay up to date, even when you can’t log in to Toggl.

  2. Prevent your team from submitting incomplete entries

    Specify what details the time entries must include before saving – like project, task, tag or description. This will save you tons of time on fixing other’s timesheets.

  3. Set up automatic tracking reminders for employees

    Is your team forgetting to log their time? Don’t stress about it. We’ll send them a reminder if they’ve tracked less than their target hours.

  4. Clean up your reports with time audits

    Catch incorrect entries that your clients don’t need to see – with just one click. This way you don’t need to waste time on getting your teammates to review their timesheets.

  5. Lock old reports to keep the data accurate

    Your employees won't be able to edit their time after a certain point. This way you can share the reports with clients or your accountant knowing your data will stay reliable.

  6. Add missing time for team members

    Don’t waste time waiting for your team to submit their missing hours. Fix team’s incomplete reports quickly and easily yourself.

  7. Easily edit team profiles

    Make sure every team member’s data (name, access rights, billable rates etc.) is accurate and presentable in your client report.