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Toggl Track is here to save your time—so you can spend it where you want to. That’s our singular focus.

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Time tracking for freelancers

With beautiful reports and easy customization, you'll never lose a minute of your creative time

We know that when you work as a team of one, every moment is mission-critical. That's where Track comes in.

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Understand how long projects really take

What you think your workday looks like isn't what it actually looks like. To really understand where your time goes, Track does the hard work for you.
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Create accurate invoices easily

There’s no dread like end-of-the-month, time-to-create-invoices dread. Toggl Track takes your hours logged, and turns them into clean reports. You’ll know exactly where you spent your time—and how to bill it—cha-ching!
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Stay accountable every day

Don't wait for your clients to ask, "What is it that you do all day?" Toggl Track is the easiest way to stay accountable, even when nobody's asking.
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Efficiency in practice

You don't need another chore. Track isn't another tool you dread opening. There's no onboarding required. Track will even remind you to pause or clock out. Because your well-being is just as important as your to-do list.
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With Toggl Track, individuals captured an additional 25% of billable hours that would otherwise be lost

5M+ users trust Toggl Track to optimize their time

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Users love us!

And we know you will too

"Toggl Track is wickedly easy to use. Having graphs and Summaries vs. Detailed Time is the most brilliant feature of the platform. It's magical."

Chris Harvey

Harvey Esquire

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"Started tracking all my hours using Toggl Track and I'm addicted. I think it's going to be life-changing."

Alexis O'Hanian

Founder of Reddit

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Toggl Track reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice and GCrowd
Toggl Track reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice and GCrowd

Toggl Track is better together. Used daily by 70,000+ teams.

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Company logos: ACLU, Contently, Ogilvy, PMG, Square, Toptal, Nielsen, Conde Nast, Autodesk
Company logos: ACLU, Toptal, Autodesk, Square, Conde Nast, Contently, Ogilvy, Nielsen

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