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Main features of Height:
  1. Auto-sync time tracked on tasks: Run timers right on tasks while you work and sync the data in real time to Toggl.

  2. Keep timesheets always up-to-date: Any changes to time activity are synced both ways, including when a timer is edited, added retroactively, or deleted.

  3. Link tasks to your timesheets: Mention the task ID on an existing timer on Toggl to link it to the corresponding task.

Payment required?: No

Uses: Toggl Track's Public API v9, Webhooks API

Screenshot of the Toggl Track's calendar view
Screenshot of the Height app with items that correspond to projects in Toggl Track
Legal documentation

For all support issues, please contact the developer team directly at support [at] height.app.

Height is a community-built integration, and is neither endorsed nor tested by Toggl. Toggl does not assume responsibility or liability for any issues caused by the use of these products. As always, we recommend being diligent in evaluating the tool, determining fit according to your needs, and ensuring the tool is compliant with the laws and legal requirements of your business.

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