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Toggl Track - Online Employee Management

Toggl Track: Three Tests For Online Employee Management

There’s a fine line to walk when it comes to online employee management. You want to find a solution that makes your life easier, and makes the workday more pleasant and productive for your employees. What you don’t want to do is add more cumbersome action items to an already extensive to-do list.

So here are three small tests you can conduct, to understand whether you’re tracking time in the most productive way possible.

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How Much Time Do You Spend on Projects?

A great test of an employee management platform is as follows: can you look at a report and see how much time everyone spends on projects, in a matter of moments?

Set up projects and tasks in Toggl Track’s easy-to-use interface, without getting overwhelmed by new software and confusing tutorials. It should be easy to track your team’s efforts in real time, even if they’re simply doing a five-minute project.

The best employee tracking platforms will generate time-use reports, identify time sinkholes, and set priorities based on time tracking data.

Do You Bill Clients for All Your Work Hours?

Can you easily log all your billable hours – even for your most minute tasks? You want to be able to get the credit you deserve for the time you spend communicating with clients.

Use Toggl Track to track the time you spend returning emails, attending meetings and video calls. If you can’t easily log your hours, you’re missing out on valuable revenue.

Which Time Management Habits Should You Change?

Can you generate professional time tracking reports to analyze your daily workflows? Make the most of your high-productivity times and analyze your schedules. Crunch the numbers, identify your priorities, and adjust your systems. You want to be able to easily diagnose which time management habits you need to change.

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The Bottom Line: Comprehensive Reports for Teams

The best test of your time tracking comes at the end of the month: are your time summaries and reports clear enough? Your reports should look concise, useful, and dare we say beautiful?

When you look at them - what do they tell you about your team? Does one person have too much work while another person doesn’t have enough? Are you meeting your client’s deadlines?

For the best reporting and insights, we recommend managing employee work hours with Toggl Track. You’ll find easy-to-use time tracking, comprehensive time reports for teams, and elegant and exportable employee timesheets. When your clients love your reports, they’re more likely to hire you for additional work projects.

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