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Toggl Track - Online Timesheet Software

Toggl Track Explores: The Best Online Timesheet Software

When it comes to online timesheet software, we clearly have a favorite (Toggl Track, duh!). However, no matter what solution is right for you, there are a few things you should think about before you click the “Buy” button. Here’s what you need to know.

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How Much Time Do You Spend on Projects?

If a timesheet software is too complicated - forget it. It sounds obvious, but you need to be able to tell really quickly how much time each project takes. For example, you can set up projects and tasks inside Toggl Track to see in real time how much each one really takes. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself. Knowledge is power - gain valuable perspectives on your daily workflows.

Do You Bill Clients for All Your Work Hours?

You know billable hours matter. Ensure you track and log all client tasks, calls, email responses, and meeting times. If your timesheet software can’t give you this information easily, it’s not the best solution for you.

Ideally, your timesheet software takes work away from you, it doesn’t create more. Your timesheet software should be a tool that enables you to get paid for every hour you work

Which Time Management Habits Should You Change?

In today’s world, you should have a high standard for your online timesheet software. Your timesheet should be like a smart friend that can give you insight into how you work.

A quick plug: you can analyze your daily time-use data with Toggl Track’s elegant and insightful time reports. Use this information to adjust priorities, optimize task allocations and maximize your productive work time.

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Toggl Track task tracker app

Time Tracking and Manual Data Entry

It should be no surprise that our vote for the best online timesheet software goes to Toggl Track. Log, store, and manage your work hours with Toggl Track’s online timesheet software. Combine real-time time tracking and manual data entry for convenient time management. Generate powerful time-use reports and export employee timesheets with a click of a button. We’ll see you at work!

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