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Companies that use Toggl Track: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nielsen, XSmartLabs, BCG, UVAHealth, JLL, KPMG, Danfoss
Companies that use Toggl Track: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nielsen, XSmartLabs, BCG, UVAHealth, JLL, KPMG, Danfoss

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Project management and time tracking software for better collaboration

Snippet featuring various types of Toggl Track reports and insights such as timesheets, project task time and most active members.

Organize your work, your way

View every project from 10,000 feet.

Organize work into clients, projects, and tasks. Assign tasks to specific projects and clients so every team member knows exactly what they should be working on.

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Track every step of a project

Split projects up into bite-sized pieces and use Toggl Track's task timer to track every billable minute. Accurately track how much time tasks and projects take, and calculate billable hours vs non-billable hours for simple client invoices.

Screenshots of a graph featuring project profitability, comparing earnings and labor costs

Monitor budget – maximize profit

Track budget and profitability for every project in your pipeline. Monitor how long tasks take by tracking estimated vs. actual efforts. Use time tracking entries to measure overall project profitability and maximize your organization's profit.

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Is Toggl Track the best project management tool on the market?

Full-service marketing agency Candybox Marketing uses Toggl Track to manage every piece of a client's project, from capacity utilization to overall profitability.

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With Toggl Track, Candybox Marketing managed to:

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Take every project from start to finish. This level of control has helped the agency adapt to more complex projects and scale up its workload.

Icon of dollar bills

Set better project scopes using time tracking. The agency now assesses if a project is worth taking on and if it should charge a monthly recurring retainer vs. fixed fee.

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Share every win with its team. The agency uses project data to calculate merit-based compensation for an extra (well-earned) bonus.

If we didn’t have the data that Toggl Track provided, we might still be doing unprofitable projects today.

— Darrell Keezer, CEO at Candybox Marketing

Manage projects successfully like Candybox Marketing

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Not sure what project time management features you need?

Toggl Track is a complete tool kit to schedule project tasks, manage your team's workload and nurture client relationships.

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Time tracking made easy

Track time spent on every project and task.

Use Toggl Track's browser extension to start your stopwatch with one click. Easily track and store timer entries for simple client billing.

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Keep projects organized

Organize work into clients, projects, and tasks and manage everything in one spot.

Add time estimates to tasks and allocate them to available resources to ensure projects are delivered on time.

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Maximize your calendar space

Make it easy for your team to see every task in their pipeline.

Time-block specific tasks in calendar view and integrate with Outlook and Google Calendar to see every meeting and deadline.

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Get your team on the same page

Build a workspace in Toggl Track that thrives on team collaboration. Invite your team, create projects, assign tasks, and track time in one place.

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Real-time budget tracking

Say goodbye to scope creep and over-budget projects. Track project budgets against estimated vs actual progress. Get an instant alert when costs are near the limit.

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Integrate with existing tools

Get the most out of your project management toolbox with time tracking.

Integrate Toggl Track's powerful time tracking features with top project management tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, ClickUp and Toggl Plan.

Try out these features for free

How does Toggl Track’s project management software work?

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1. Sign up for Toggl Track (for free! 👀)

Create a Toggl Track Free account.

An illustration of a woman holding an email invite, dedicated to team members, the finance team, clients, and the CEO

2. Add your team

Invite your team to join your workspace. Set access levels for each team member and assign tasks and projects.

An illustration of a hand clicking on the 'Start timer' button with the macOS/iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, and Firefox icons on the bottom left

3. Track time on every task

Use the one-click timer to start tracking time for every task. Store time tracking data and use it to calculate how long tasks take.

Various data elements such as a pie chart with billable information and total amount of time spent on tasks such as 'Meetings' and 'Bug fixes'

4. Monitor project budgets + progress

Track project budgets and against estimated vs actual progress in your Toggl Track dashboard. Identify bottleneck tasks to ensure every project is delivered on time.

A Toggl Track report with the option to email them to share to clients

5. Create custom reports

Save custom reports as PDFs, Excel, or CSV files. Share them with clients over email for total transparency. Use this data to fuel your next project pitch and win more work.

Join 5 million users tracking their time to get results

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