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A task timer to turn teams into time tracking converts

A simple online task manager and timer to help tick off your to-do list

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Companies that use Toggl Track: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nielsen, XSmartLabs, BCG, UVAHealth, JLL, KPMG, Danfoss
Companies that use Toggl Track: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nielsen, XSmartLabs, BCG, UVAHealth, JLL, KPMG, Danfoss

Trusted by 70,000+ growing teams worldwide

A simple task timer, but with powerful time reporting

Different time entry options in Toggl Track

Track time spent on tasks – with a single click

Don't let a task tracker timer get in the way of your team's best work.

Use Toggl Track's real-time Timer to track how long you spend on every task. This data will be stored in your account β€” ready for when you need it.

Toggl Track project reporting

Organize work into projects and tasks

Collaborate on projects, tag timer entries, and add billable rates to every task your team logs.

Make sense of every hour spent on client work and send accurate invoices β€” every time.

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Use reports to spot bottlenecks

Use our task timer to help teams make better decisions.

Review past task data, create accurate project estimations and track estimated vs actual progress to improve project profitability.

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Is Toggl Track a task timer my team will actually use? πŸ€”

Software consultancy Newlogic needed to understand how long its team spent on specific tasks for more accurate project planning and client billing. Thanks to a 100% adoption rate, Toggl Track's Task Timer has helped the team build close relationships and trust with its clients.

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With Toggl Track, Newlogic managed to:

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Track time without micromanaging its team. Newlogic's developers track time their way, no matter how they work or what operating system they use.

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Stay uber organized for every project it works on. Time entries are tagged with the right billable rate, categorized by project/task, and linked to client invoices. Easy!

Icon of money bills

Use transparent data to win over new clients. And keep its current ones! Granular data shows clients exactly what its team worked on, and what they're paying for.

β€œEven for people who have never used time tracking software before, it’s extremely easy and intuitive, as well as non-invasive. That’s why there was no resistance when we introduced the tool to our team.”

— Greg Martel, COO and co-founder of Newlogic

Track team time successfully like Newlogic

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Not sure what task timer app features you need?

Toggl Track's task timer is a simple way to track client work – but we also packed in a ton of other features.

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Your new (digital) filing cabinet

Slice, dice and store project data however you like.

Tag time entries and stay on top of every billable hour. Store this data away for invoicing or project estimates.

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Use the power of Pomodoro

Encourage your team to find a productivity method they love. Toggl Track's Pomodoro Timer splits tasks down into 25-minute sprints, and rewards your team with a 5-minute break when they finish πŸ‘Œ

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Custom time estimates for every task

Set time expectations for every task before your team starts work.

Attach custom hourly time estimates for Projects or Tasks, and monitor actual hours vs estimated in your project dashboard.

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View your time, your way

Stay on top of your team's workload β€” whether you have five or 50 employees.

Use time tracking charts and project dashboards to view hours worked and billed amount. Plug this data into detailed forecasts to boost future project profitability.

Icon of a laptop and mobile phone with the Toggl Track app
Supports multiple devices

It doesn't matter if your team works on an iPhone or an iMac β€” our task timer has your back. Use Toggl Track on Android or iOS devices and add times entries from anywhere. Sync the Task Timer to your main calendar to log every hour.

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How does Toggl Track's task timer work?

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Create a Toggl Track Free account and invite your team to join.

A snippet of time entry data such as clients, projects, and tags

Organize your projects + tasks

Set your team up for success. Organize upcoming projects, set task time estimates and attach billable rates. Each time your team logs a task, overall progress and budgets will be tracked in real-time.

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Track time on every task

It's time for the hard simple part. Start your timer and focus on doing your best work.

Various data elements such as a pie chart with billable information and total amount of time spent on tasks such as 'Meetings' and 'Bug fixes'

Leverage your reports

Use Toggl Track's detailed task timer reports to spot bottlenecks. Simplify estimated vs actual task effort tracking and sharpen up every part of your project management process.

Example of Toggl Track's invoice generated from reports

Send simple invoices

Create and export client-ready PDF invoices from reports with a single click. Send them to your clients or upload them to accounting platforms you already use like QuickBooks or Xero.

Join 5 million users tracking their time to get results

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How do you track time spent on tasks?

How can you estimate tasks?

With Toggl Track, tracking tasks can actually be easy for you and your team.

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