Introducing Toggl Analytics: Customizable time tracking reporting

Turn your time tracking data into a decision-making tool

How many projects are at risk of getting delayed?
Is my team working on the most important priorities?
Which clients give us the best ROI?
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How it works

Track time with many ways with Toggl Track

1. Track

Simplify your team’s time tracking with Toggl Track

Checkmark iconTrack time where your team is: web and mobile apps, browser extensions, and 100+ tool integrations

Checkmark iconGuarantee data accuracy with required fields, reminders, report audits, and admin approvals

Checkmark iconGet fast support when your team needs it

Toggl Track analytics dashboard snippets

2. Analyze

Get a quick and deeper look at your data with custom dashboards

Checkmark iconSlice your data based on various criteria: people, clients, projects, and more

Checkmark iconBuild wanted charts with custom filters, groups and visualizations

Checkmark iconNo data wizardry needed — do it with ease and share with your team and clients

Example team member, project and client revenue insights you can get with Toggl Track

3. Improve

No more guesstimating – make better decisions based on your data

Analytics delivers insights into overall organization overview, team performance, revenue sources, project overview, client profitability, and more.

Analytics replaces:

Illustration of someone working on their laptop and thinking about setting up Google Sheets manually
Painful manual work
No more exporting time entries into Excel or Google Sheets to crunch data
Illustration of multiple browsers with individual tools connected
Using multiple tools
Data visualization tools and complicated API setups
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Makeshift solutions
Say goodbye to dashboards that take your team hours to build

Make better decisions powered by unmatched time tracking data analysis

Not sure where to begin?

Start with two clicks using our templates

Illustration of dollar bills
Revenue sources

Get a better look into the most profitable clients, users and projects.

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Client billing

Overview of your work time distribution per client.

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Illustration of a binoculars with graphs
Project overview

See a distribution of worked hours across projects, tasks and users.

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Is Analytics free to use?

How can I build the dashboards I want?

How is Analytics different from other existing time tracking reporting tools?

What is the difference between Analytics and Reports that Toggl Track has?

How do I know if this is the right feature for me/my team?

Can I share my dashboard with clients and/or with users in my organization?

Leverage data for your key business metrics with Toggl Track Analytics

Toggl Track Analytics is free to use. No credit card required to get started.

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