Time Tracking for Consultants

Automatically stay updated on how your consultancy firm spends its time. Effortlessly monitor profitability, delegate tasks to boost productivity & keep stress levels low.

1000+ consultancies using Toggl Track, including:
  • Deloitte uses Toggl Track
  • EY uses Toggl Track
  • KPMG uses Toggl Track
  • Randstad uses Toggl Track
  • Boston Consulting Group uses Toggl Track

Track time to make powerful management decisions which skyrocket profitability.

Boost team productivity

Make smart management decisions based on the time tracked by each consultant. Adjust consulting workloads evenly, so your team stays happy, energetic & hits that ‘productivity sweet-spot’ every time.

Instantly view profitability

View charts which instantly reveal your costs & how many hours worked. Use this information to decide whether your team is putting in enough work for your consultancy to stay profitable.

Track project completion

Stress less knowing you can easily see how much work your consultancy team is putting in everyday. Rapidly spot bottle-necks and other potential issues in your team’s workflow, before they become a problem.


Average annual savings by consultancies every year

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Custom solutions using Toggl Track API

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Toggl Track is packed to the brim with countless features to make time tracking for consultants a breeze.

See Toggl Track's complete feature list.

Get actionable business data

Use Toggl Track Insights to view data, charts & graphs for your projects. Easily measure your consultancy’s productivity and effortlessly keep track of your projects’ profitability.

Track billable hours and user costs

Set hourly rates which are tied to the amount of hours tracked by each team member. Determine how much your consultants are costing you per hour on each client and budget accordingly.

Access powerful reports

View detailed timesheets and detailed reports when your consultants track their time. Drill down into each report to know exactly how many hours each employee works, what they work on and when.

Use flexible time tracking

Colour-code different projects & archive old ones to store your valuable data safely.Send automatic alerts to managers whenever tasks are finished to streamline your consultancy’s workflow.

Customizable features

Manually bulk edit time entries, add/subtract hours, record idle time & even add custom tags to time entries. Keep everything running smoothly using a device that has been tailor-made to be flexible to your team’s needs.

View project & team dashboards

Get the full overview of what your consultancy is working on & how each project is going. Use this as a blueprint to stay on top of your team’s work, so you can make agile decisions that boost productivity.

Integrate Toggl Track Premium with over 85+ popular management tools.

Track time with your favorite tools for a devastatingly-efficient team that runs like a smooth, well-oiled machine.


Public API and open-source code

Check our public GitHub repositories for how you can customize Toggl Track to meet your business needs.

Data security details

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Full plan comparison

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Setting up team account

Read how your data is kept safe in Toggl Track.

Start timer from any website

Highlight any text and start a timer straight from there.

Reports, graphs and charts

See what you can do with your timesheet data in Toggl Track.