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Boost your productivity and manage your design projects easily with Toggl Track.

Over 1M users use Toggl Track to track their time.
  • Adobe uses Toggl Track
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Why track time with Toggl Track?

No Learning Curve

Time tracking can't be time-consuming. That's why Toggl Track has 1-click time tracking in every device with an auto-sync feature.

Boost Self Productivity

Make smart decisions based on time tracked. Adjust workloads accordingly, so you'll be able to hit that productivity sweet-spot every time.

Track Project Completion

Stress less knowing you can easily see how much work you're putting in every day. Rapidly spot potential issues in your workflow before they become a problem.

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Features to help you boost productivity, meet deadlines and manage projects easily.

Toggl Track Time Entries

One-Click Timers and Manual Entries

It's one click to start the timer, one click to stop it. You can also restart time entries quickly based on your tracking history, allowing you to switch tasks with ease. Use manual entries if you only add your time once a day.

Toggl Track iOS app

iPhone and Android Apps

Track time on the go, even without an internet connection. Your time entries will be saved and synced across other devices when you come back online.

Time Tracking Reminders

Autotrackers and Reminders

Set reminders for specific times or when you open your favorite apps. Toggl Track can remind you to track time every 2 hours, or if you open up Adobe Photoshop, or both! This feature is available in Toggl Track Desktop and the Toggl Track browser extension.

Toggl Track Time Entries

Pomodoro Timer

You may forget to take needed breaks when working on pixel-perfect designs. Our Pomodoro timer will nudge you at preset time intervals. This feature is available in Toggl Track Desktop and the Toggl Track browser extension.

Assign Billable Rates with Toggl Track

Billable & Non-Billable Rates

Assign unique billable rates to each client and discover how profitable your projects are.

Time and Project Alerts

Project Time Estimates & Alerts

Know when you need to increase client hours or cut your client loose. We'll alert you when you are at 50%, 75% or 100% of your time estimates.

Toggl Track Reports

View Powerful Reports

Easily compile summary or detailed reports. Use these to estimate project completion dates and extra work costs. Easily quote project prices to clients.

Project Data

Archived Projects for Accurate Forecasting

Time entries in one place provide an easy-to-read overview of time spent on prior projects. Your data will help you confidently quote project prices to clients!

Toggl Track Time Entries

Toggl Track API

Need a custom solution? All free plans come with an API key which allows you to build your own Toggl Track implementations.

Free plan is free forever.
Starter plan starts at $10/month per user.

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Use Toggl Track with popular designer tools

Streamline your workflow by integrating Toggl Track with your choice of tools.
We have over a hundred integrations to choose from!

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“A well-designed tracking tool. Overall, I am happy with it, I use it in sync with GSuite + Trello. Simplicity and power of integrations is what makes Toggl Track a good tracking system.”

User Review from Capterra

“As a Web Designer, I use Toggl Track every single day to track absolutely everything. This allows me to show exactly how long it takes to accomplish certain types of projects and have a voice when it comes to unrealistic timelines. I recommend it to anyone ready to get organized!”

User Review from Capterra

“I am a freelance web designer and it's really important for me to keep accurate records of my billable hours so I can invoice my clients honestly. I have found Toggl Track to be very easy to use and I love the reminders on my desktop!”

User Review from Capterra