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Trying to stay compliant with local time tracking requirements? We might be able to help.

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Trusted by 80,000+ users in Germany

Companies that use Toggl Track: Danfoss, GE, Mediaplus, Skaylink, Uber, SAP, Nielsen, Salesforce, Wise, Finnair, LinkedIn
Companies that use Toggl Track: Danfoss, GE, Mediaplus, Skaylink, Uber, SAP, Nielsen, Salesforce, Wise, Finnair, LinkedIn

Toggl Track was designed to track time

Time tracking data can be used in many ways, including but not limited to: payroll, compliance, client billing, and more. However, Toggl Track was not designed to comply with specific local legal requirements. Always seek professional legal guidance to ensure your organization is compliant.

Different time entry options in Toggl Track

Flexible, one-click time tracking in real time

Don't spend time on data entry. Track time from our web app, desktop app, mobile apps, or in our browser extension, which integrates with 100+ work tools.

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Cross-platform apps with immediate data sync

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Google and Outlook Calendar integrations with our calendar view

Timekeeping sucks. There is no way around it, but time data is the greatest asset that our business has. Our team has gotten better at tracking time thanks to Toggl Track's overall ease of use.

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Michael B. with Toggl Track for 2+ years

Toggl Track's time entry structure that has projects, clients, tags, and tasks

We keep your time entries effortlessly organized

Skip the messy documents and spreadsheets and don't worry about meta data. Our built-in categories allow teams to track time against projects or tasks, or add tags and clients.

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Flexible time tracking reports for every need

Ready-to-go reports that you can filter by date, user, project, and more. Export as XLS, CSV, or PDF files, generate a unique and shareable link, or have them scheduled as emails.

I've been using Toggl Track for 2 years since my corporate overlords asked me to keep track of my time. I hated the idea of spreadsheets and having to manually create, organize and back up Excel files. Thanks to Toggl Track, I never had to do that.

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Jacob T. in an enterprise company

Toggl Track features that help with data accuracy such as locking time entries, required fields and audits based on time entry duration

Accurate data you can trust

Powerful data audits, required fields, locking time entries and time tracking reminders help keep time tracking data accurate without putting the burden on your team. No more errors, no more wasted time.

Toggl Track is a solid timesheet application which is easy to fill in and maintain. Pulling information or reports from the team is solid as well.

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Ben C. in an SMB

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Toggl Track stands against employee surveillance.

We believe time tracking should be used to educate and empower people. We will never implement features to help companies spy on their employees.

Read more about our stance here
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