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Plan Wisely, Track Precisely.

Discover the seamless integration between Toggl Plan and Toggl Track that takes the guesswork out of managing your time and resources

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How It (Just) Works

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Use Toggl Plan to manage team workload and projects

Enter your projects, clients, and tasks into Toggl Plan and start seeing your team's workload in a visual timeline. See everyone's availability at a glance and schedule work confidently without conflicts with time-offs.

All projects, clients, and tasks entered in Toggl Plan will sync with Toggl Track

Get your team to track work time however they like

Whichever way they choose, their data will be synced to the cloud

Start tracking time in Toggl Track or from tasks in Toggl Plan to minimize context switching between tools, improve work efficiency, and maintain productivity.

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Track time with Toggl Track's web, desktop, and mobile apps. Our tools cater to varied work styles, ensuring everyone finds their rhythm in tracking their tasks.

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The only time tracker with over 100 integrations, via our native integrations or through our Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extensions.

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Automated time tracking with our desktop apps to get a timeline record of your web browser and desktop app activities.

All data will remain private to the user unless they choose to convert their private data to time entries

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All tracked time will sync with Toggl Plan
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Get better at team and project planning in Toggl Plan

The real-time data sync provides a clear view of project progress, enabling proactive adjustments to keep projects on schedule. Additionally, you can rebalance workloads, ensuring that no team member is overburdened or underutilized.

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Make better decisions with insights from Toggl Track

Use Toggl Track's comprehensive reports or custom analytics dashboards to gain insights on various aspects, such as project or client profitability, team productivity, comparative data trends, and more.


We consistently deliver on simplicity and usability for teams

“The acceptance from all users is very high. I have seen a 40+ year employee move from their Excel-based tracking they have used forever, to this tool without any issue.”

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— Chris, Software Lead

“Clients love the summaries, colleagues love the simplicity. We have used it for 7+ years and it is still going very well. The ease of use of Toggl Track is unprecedented.”

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— Jakub H, Agency Founder

“Thanks to Toggl, we have been able to achieve more organization. I can have a broader view of each project's lifecycles and make smarter decisions based on our progress as a team.”

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— Juliana, CEO

“In a chaotic office, the simple yet adaptable design allows me to easily keep track of how much time I spend on various activities. Toggl's simplicity makes it a wonderful tool.”

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— Marie, Project Coordinator

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