Use Toggl Track on Wear OS smartwatches

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About ToggleWear

With ToggleWear, you can track your time on your smartwatch like Galaxy watch and Pixel watch. ToggleWear is the only Wear OS app that works with Toggl Track, the powerful time tracking software that shows you how your workday breaks down. No matter where you start tracking, ToggleWear syncs your data in real time.

  • Quick Track Tile: Track up to 7 preset items with just one tap
  • Daily Overview Tile : Monitor your time with color-coded timeline
  • Multiple workspaces: Manage all on a single screen
  • Offline sync: Auto sync when reconnected
  • Community forum:

Payment required?: Yes

Uses: Public API v9, Webhooks API

Screenshot of ToggleWear app that works with Toggl Track
Screenshot of ToggleWear app that works with Toggl Track
Legal documentation

For all support issues, please contact the developer team directly at togglewearapp [at]

ToggleWear is a community-built integration, and is neither endorsed nor tested by Toggl. Toggl does not assume responsibility or liability for any issues caused by the use of these products. As always, we recommend being diligent in evaluating the tool, determining fit according to your needs, and ensuring the tool is compliant with the laws and legal requirements of your business.

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