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About trydeepwork helps you practice deep work, stay in flow, and achieve your most important goals.

Ditch the Pomodoro: The frequent breaks of the Pomodoro technique can hinder your ability to maintain intense focus and enter a state of flow. In contrast, the deep work sessions at are designed specifically to help you stay focused and achieve a state of flow. You can start each session with a clear intent, take breaks only when you need them, and enhance your sessions with great focus music.

Set goals that matter: Deep work also means working on goals that have an outsized impact on your life. Define and focus on goals that have a significant impact and regularly revisit them to avoid being consumed by daily tasks. Use power goals to define your most important objectives, avoid burnout by estimating each task, and schedule deep work hours.

Track and share your progress: Understand yourself better with insights and share your progress on your profile.

Payment required?: No

Uses: Toggl Track's Public API v9

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