Time tracking that's easy, powerful, and frictionless.

Time tracking software to boost performance and get paid for every billable minute. An intuitive tool that makes time tracking painless for the entire team.

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Trusted by over 5 million users across 120 countries

Companies that use Toggl Track: Amazon, Uber, GE, LinkedIn, SAP, Danfoss, Wise, Ogilvy, Booking.com
Companies that use Toggl Track: Amazon, Uber, GE, LinkedIn, SAP, Danfoss, Wise, Ogilvy

Time tracking is good for business.
But it’s also a dreaded chore.

Skip the timesheets and get your team the best time tracker that gets the job done for you.

Here's why teams love Track:

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Record 25% more billable hours and improve profitability
No more guesstimates and lost billables. Track your time accurately, improve operational efficiency—and ultimately, maximize your profits.
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Multiple time tracking apps and over 100+ integrations
Connect your entire stack, and track time wherever you work—on the web app, on your browser, desktop, mobile or even your watch.
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Get employee buy-in with time tracking that puts privacy on priority
Get accurate data with an anti-surveillance time tracking solution that your employees are happy to use.
Badges Toggl Track has earned, including Top 100 Software Products

5 million+ users have said yes to Track

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Time tracking software for all your
productivity and profitability needs

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Boost accountability
across teams

Stay informed, accountable, and transparent. Make payroll and quarterly reporting easy with intuitive time tracking and accurate time reports for growing teams.

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"Toggl Track offers full control to our team members to accurately track their time. It is extremely easy and intuitive, as well as non-invasive."Newlogic, Software Consultancy

Toggl builds tools to make your work life more efficient. Toggl Track is our time tracker.

But we have more.

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Want a simple tool to manage all your products in one place?

Effortless work planning for teams with

Visually plan, track, and deliver work projects without the last-minute rush and stress. With Toggl Plan's delightfully simple drag-and-drop timelines, you can:

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Create effective work schedules without clunky spreadsheets or complex software

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Stay on schedule and get tasks done by deadlines

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Get visibility into your team's availability and workload

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Using spreadsheets to manage multiple projects was a disaster. With Toggl Plan, we can easily keep track of ten or more projects at a time.
Chanel Kennedy, Manager at Boiler Room

See what better work planning looks like:

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Is hiring eating up your time?
There’s a better way.

Find your best-fit candidates with

For the longest time, Toggl Hire was our unfair advantage in effortlessly assessing, shortlisting and hiring incredible people around the world. Now we made it available to everyone.

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Put candidate screening on autopilot: quickly narrow down your candidate list to top performers with job-relevant skills tests.

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Stack several assessments into a role-specific hiring funnel: make data-driven hiring decisions at every step.

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Assess any skill for any role: pick from 100+ ready-made test templates or create your own custom assessments.

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Our hiring process involves less manual work. Toggl Hire gives a pretty good first idea of the candidate’s skill level and knowledge. This saves our recruiters lots of time!
Triinu, HR Manager at Monese

See what time-efficient hiring looks like:

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Run your business at full efficiency.
Learn with Toggl.

While there's no one right way to do things, there are many tried-and-tested ways. Check out our resources and our blog for tips and tricks on better work.

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Track's Productivity Resources

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Work From Home Hub

With the right resources, working from home can be an enriching experience

Hiring Remotely Online Guide

Hiring Remotely

A practical guide to hiring remote teams: Learn what you can do to make better remote hiring decisions

Everyone works differently.

That's why our fully-remote team is committed to flexible work and to building tools that fit into any workflow.

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