4 Tips to Improve the Way Your Company Communicates


Communication is the key to success in any relationship. Knowing how to express yourself effectively within an organization can lead to a more efficient atmosphere, where tasks get accomplished quicker and employees are more relaxed because the lines of communication are open top to bottom. To be most effective, there are several tips companies can use to better express themselves—four are listed here.

1. Standardized Communication

Within any company, there are numerous ways to relate to co-workers, management and customers. Telephone, e-mail, memos and speaking face-to-face are just a few of the options people have to get their message out there to others. Managers who make it clear what the preferred method of communication is within the company can avoid embarrassing lapses internally or externally. Using a new in-house phone system for a business is always exciting, and one type of system growing in popularity is telephone by internet. Companies who decide to add this to the mix need to choose VOIP vendors who can provide the necessary services to make this a valuable addition to the company.

2. Face to Face Meetings

Many employers are encouraging employees to get up and have more face-to-face conversations rather than sitting in a cubicle and using e-mail or phone calls all the time. These meetings are especially encouraged when something good happens to an employee, such as a promotion, birth of a child, marriage or other joyous occasion.

3. Active Listening

Many people look like they’re listening when they’re not. Many companies encourage active listening, where it’s important to observe facial gestures, body language and other signals of how people think and feel. Body language comprises 97% of communication, so paying attention to what a person does is just as important as what they say.

4. Workplace Diversity

Respecting diversity in the workplace is critical for successful expression of one’s views. Today’s workforce is comprised of many ages, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Being respectful of another’s way of life and culture can go far in establishing a workplace of clear, open dialogue between people of various backgrounds.

As more people continue to enter the workforce, being able to acquaint one’s self with others is a skill that’s becoming more important every day. Many companies see communication as such a vital part to their success that they provide numerous seminars on how to be expressive with others. By making communication an important part of the workplace, a company can expect to find greater success in the coming years.

September 30, 2013