“Just One More Change” And Other Client Requests: Comic Artist Nadine Redlich Takes On The Dreaded Change Request

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We’ve all heard it. Perhaps you’ve even said it. It’s a dreaded phrase passed down through the ages from client to freelancer, and it just won’t seem to go away. Every time a client, art director, or micromanaging boss requests ‘just one more change,’ an adobe program crashes, or so we’ve heard. No matter the context of its utterance, it’s sure to leave a wake of passive-aggressive file names and small changes that only bring the work closer to the original version.

In commiseration with the professional creative’s plight, we asked comic artist Nadine Redlich, the marvelous mind behind the hovering art director, to turn her satirical gaze on the enduring dynamic between client and freelancer. Consider it an ode to those jobs you wish, for the love of God, would end but seem like they’ll endure to the end of time. Or, at least until you start adding change fees. 

Just One More Change

Just One More Change
Just One More ChangeNadine Redlich

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September 16, 2019