Time Management

How to Manage Time Keeping With Inevitable Daily Multi-Tasking?

MultitaskingDifferent researches have proven that multi-tasking is bad for productivity and focusing on only one task at a time will give the best results. Still, I think most people regularly find themselves in situations that need multi-tasking: unexpected phone calls, e-mails with urgent matters, random thoughts about stuff you forgot to do etc. If you also need to keep track of your time while juggling between different tasks, it could get a bit tricky. I’ve found a solution that works best for my workflow and keeps pretty accurate track of all the time I spend on different tasks. Maybe you also find it useful?

My Solution For Time Keeping In 5 Steps:

1) Download Toggl Desktop. I find it simpler to track time with the desktop widget and I recommend it to all the multi-taskers out there, as well.

2) Pin it to your taskbar (if you have Windows). This way it’s a bit harder to forget starting the timer in the morning or after the lunch brake.Pin to taskbar blogisse

3) Make sure you have “store start and stop times” enabled (by default it is). You can find the option on My Profile page on Toggl.com. This way every new time entry will be saved as a separate one. Later you can run the Reports on Toggl web and see the totals.

4) Use “Continue” (see the green arrow on the picture) with every task-change, even if you don’t have the time to change the description/project. Just “continue” a random task and you can change all the descriptions and Projects later. This way you make sure that you have the correct time-stamp for every single activity.Continue button to Blog

5) Make it a habit. At first you might not remember to start the timer in the morning or you forget to change the time entry description while starting a new task. But don’t give up. Start tracking and if you forget something, edit all the data manually later. Building a habit of time keeping and doing it accurately even while multi-tasking might take some time, but it can be done.

Do you have any other methods that you use? Let me know!

July 4, 2013