Introducing Timeline View on Windows

Earlier this year, we launched a brand new Timeline View for Mac. This feature shows your daily time in a more traditional calendar-like layout. With Timeline View, it’s quicker to edit your tracked time once it’s recorded in the background. In essence, Timeline View makes the jump between automatic recording and manual clean-up even easier. This week, we’ve launched Timeline View for Windows. 

filling in the gaps

How Does It Work? 

Typically, Toggl shows time tracked in two ways. The first way is List View, which displays each time-entry individually, or groups entries with the same description and project together. 

The second way is Timeline View. In this daily view, your time entries appear color-coded and sorted by time blocks. If you like the layout of looking at a paper calendar on your desk, this view is similar to that. You can easily see gaps where you haven’t tracked your time, and fill in missing information. 

If you wish to compare time captured with the Timeline View, it’s easy. In Toggl Track’s desktop app, enable the “timeline” feature. Once enabled, it records each website and program you view for more than 10 seconds. It will display your day in 15-minute increments on the webapp, via the data it picks up. You can enable it if you truly want to “set and forget” your time-tracking.

However, we all know that sometimes, automatic data doesn’t quite tell the full story. Maybe you want to clean up some time entries, round up or down, or make your day look a little bit neater. 

Timeline View will help you complete the story of your day’s time-tracking. 

Why Use Timeline View for Windows? 

Our users find Timeline View for Windows beneficial for:

  • Seeing their time at-a-glance, much like looking at a daily calendar. 
  • Comparing recorded time in the background to the time-tracker in the main app.
  • Making reports look nicer.
  • Resolving gaps in recorded time in fewer clicks. 
  • Dragging and dropping edits instead of having to manually create new entries. 

How Do I Enable It?

You can enable the Timeline feature as follows: 

  • On the main Timer screen, click on “Timeline”, then choose to allow recording by toggling the switch to the right of “Record Activity”.

You can create time entries by clicking or click-dragging inside the Timeline View. You can also resize time-entries with a click-drag. 


A Few Other Things To Note

At Toggl, privacy is always an issue we want to address when it comes to data collection. We’d like to reinforce that:

  • Timeline  data is account-specific so other users (including admins) can’t access it. 
  • Timeline data for the last 9 days is shown in the desktop app, and after that, is wiped from local storage. 
  • Timeline data is permanently stored in our servers. You can request its deletion by contacting support. 

Ready to get started using it? Download the Windows Desktop App:

Then head over and check out the step-by-step guide here

If you have any questions or feedback, send us a note at or leave a comment below. 

View your time differently in Timeline View.

December 22, 2020