How to Fire Someone Without Feeling Horrible About It

If you’re a manager, sooner or later you’re going to have to fire someone. Guaranteed. While it’s never fun, some experiences are more draining than others. As a manager, I’ve fired employees for no-brainer reasons, like falsifying timesheets and routinely calling in sick when their Facebook profiles showed them at a friend’s afternoon pool party.


How to Use the Six Thinking Hats Method for Problem Solving

Are difficult problems part of your daily life at the office? If so, stand up and wave your hand because I think we work at the same place! I manage projects at a creative agency, and it seems like every time I log into my email, there’s yet another large problem to deal with. For


Team Management Tips You’ll Wish Someone Had Told You Sooner

In one fast-paced restaurant, a shift lead could never figure out why he was not promoted to a management position. He had just finished a bachelor’s degree in business management, so he felt like he was ready for the next step. The problem wasn’t with his knowledge, but with his soft skills. This particular manager


The Dark Triad in the Workplace: How to Manage Difficult Personality Types

Let’s be honest, almost every office has that one person the rest of the team doesn’t really get along with. This could be for a plethora of reasons. Maybe they’re just into totally different things. Or maybe it’s worse and the employee is rude and unpleasant to be around. If the latter resides in your


The 10 Best Management Books You’ve Never Heard Of

Walt Disney once said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” While quotes like this can be motivating to some, they aren’t always enough to kickstart the creative juices required to really get people to work on the tasks at hand. But many business professionals and entrepreneurs have found ways


How to Manage People Who May Be Older Or Wiser Than You

The first time I encountered the term ‘Baby Boss,’ I cringed. I can’t remember the name of the women’s magazine now, but the article was directed at professionals who found themselves reporting to a much-younger new boss. It was well-written, but the tone made me wonder later if the author was the same person who


What You Should Know About Management By Objectives

Management by objectives is a collaborative approach to goal-setting that can improve transparency and boost your team’s motivation.


Begin With the End In Mind: The “What,” “Why,” and “How” of This Powerful Philosophy

We’ll teach you a simple, five-step process you can use to begin with the end in mind today.


A Balanced Scorecard in Action: Manage Your Company Better in 4 Steps

As the name indicates, the balanced scorecard framework presents an opportunity to assess a business on multiple levels. This generally leads to a much more balanced idea of performance.


10 Best Organization Software Options for Teams

Many people have claimed that disorganized people are more creative. Scientists have even performed experiments to prove this theory. While most of these concepts pertain to the specific idea of a messy desk or office space, this does not include the necessary structure related to business operations and the software you use to accomplish tasks.


How to Master Resource Scheduling In 5 Steps

So a graphic designer, a front-end coder, and a technical writer all walk into a boardroom… I know you’re waiting for a punchline because it sounds like I’m telling a joke. Strangely enough (for me), I’m not. Project management teams encompass a wide range of skill sets. You may not find a graphic designer, a


Workforce Management Software That Will Make Your Job Way Easier

I always knew that employees were expensive, but according to the Human Capital Management Institute, they account for an average of 70% of a company’s operating expenses. No wonder one of my old bosses stared at me intently whenever I mentioned a raise. I thought he was merely interested in what I had to say: