How to Promote Accountability in the Workplace Without Driving People Insane

I was doing my hardest to stay calm, but it was a losing battle. I was so angry that I could feel my face burning. My team was supposed to produce a special anniversary issue of a client’s magazine. Kelly, our lead graphic designer, had just told me that only half of the photos were


Better Business Meetings: Go From Blah to Awe With These 9 Tips

I felt something hit my shoulder. Looking down, I saw a paperclip on the floor. Normally, I would have been annoyed, but to be honest with you, the distraction was welcome. I was in the middle of one of the most boring and useless business meetings I had ever attended and had started praying for


Manager Responsibilities: 6 Things You’re Forgetting to Do

In popular culture, there is a reverence and awe for famed leaders like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Darth Vader. Okay, maybe that last one is a bit of a stretch. But too often, we forget that no one is born to be a great leader. The best managers learn their skills over


How to Run An Effective Meeting (That Won’t Bore People to Tears)

As inspiration for this article, I Googled the phrase “Meetings are…” There were a lot of results, none of which were complimentary: Meetings are toxic Meetings are a waste of time Meetings are useless Entrepreneur was even more blunt, calling meetings “one of the worst business rituals.” In one office where I used to work,


The 5 Communication Styles Every Manager Needs to Know

As a manager, you must successfully manage different communication styles if you want your team to be successful. Each employee has a unique way of communicating, so you have to navigate these differences if you want to fully utilize their skills. By understanding the five communication styles, you can understand your employees better and learn


The Top 10 Planning Tools for Managers

A business or company can be difficult to manage. Especially when it comes to managing employees, organizing budgets, running meetings, etc. When it comes to managing a business or a team, having strategies in place and being able to effectively communicate is just as important as having a plan to grow the business. Having a


Servant Leadership: What it is, Why it Matters, and How it Can Make You a Better Leader

More than just a buzzword, servant leadership is gaining traction in many different organizations. Here’s what you need to know about this approach.


9 Powerful Organizational Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Use

When you are running a business, keeping everything organized is crucial to ensuring your company has set procedures for employees to follow. Staying organized saves your business a great deal of time and money, allowing it to flourish and grow. If you are running a business, multiple tasks may need to be performed and assigned


10 Scheduling Apps Your Employees Will Love

It’s not always easy to gather a team together for a meeting or event. In today’s digital world, teammates are no longer just a carpool away. They are scattered across the globe, in separate time zones, with entirely different schedules. You likely find yourself having to go through the hassle of sending separate emails and


Why You’re Failing at Delegation (And How to Fix It)

One of the most vital skills every manager should develop is proper delegation. But the ability to trust others enough to take responsibility and authority for assignments, isn’t always an easy one. At the same time, whether they believe it or not, managers aren’t able to do everything on their own. This means the workload


The Best Editable Calendar for Teams

Calendars are the ultimate and most basic way of keeping track of time. As a project manager, it’s absolutely vital that you incorporate one into your toolkit. But, it’s not just any normal calendar you should be after. For the sake of simplicity and your sanity, you should definitely use an editable calendar. Why are


Why You Should Be Managing Up (And How to Do It Effectively)

Most of us know what it’s like to have a boss that’s disengaged, or at the very least, unorganized. In many situations, this can be quite discouraging. Even if your boss is engaging and organized, there are plenty of times where they just simply have lots to do. Regardless, in this scenario, you basically have