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How to Start a Book Club with Coworkers

Need a low-investment, high-return way of fostering a work community, bridging cultural gaps, and improving motivation at work? Try a book club.


7 Tips to Become Better at Public Speaking at Work

Most of us absolutely hate public speaking. We’d rather zip ourselves into a sleeping bag filled with hornets than have to get up in front of a room full of people and deliver a presentation.


5 Tips to Help You Calm Your Nerves Before a Presentation

In this article, we share five tips you can use to calm your nerves before a presentation.


Recovering from Burnout: 10 Research-Backed Tips

Ask anyone who knows me: I’m not someone who’s easily intimidated. But one of the few frightening memories I have is my experience with burnout over 10 years ago. We all have episodes where we feel tired and depressed. The boss is demanding too much, the significant other wants to argue all the time, the


Software Testing Basics: 7 Tips to Become a Professional Software Tester

We’re about to discuss what software testing really is, why it’s important, and seven tips to become a professional software testing engineer.


How to Deal with Intermittent Explosive Disorder In the Workplace

Have you ever worked with a “hothead”? The kind of employee that is all smiles and laughs one minute, then snarls and curse words the next? Maybe you shared an office with a quiet well-mannered person who suddenly punched a wall and stormed out of the building after reading an email. If you’ve experienced something similar


8 Google Search Tips to Navigate the Web Like a Pro

Want to refine your searches and get your hands on the information you really need? These Google search tips are just what you’ve been looking for.


12 Business Management Software Every Manager Should Know About

In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of using business management software, the top 12 options (in our humble opinion), and a simple framework for choosing the right software for your business.


Best Time to Send Emails – A Scientific Approach

Are you curious about the best time to send emails? You aren’t alone. Whether you’re sending a complex email marketing campaign or just a short message to a colleague, we’re all eager for that magic pill that will not only get our emails read—but inspire people to actually take action.


How to Motivate Yourself According to McClelland’s Theory of Needs

Motivating yourself can be tough, but McClelland’s Theory of Needs can help.


How To: Reinvent Yourself and Escape The Muck of Career Stagnation

People who suffer from midlife crises are usually pitied and subtly shamed–is it even possible to reinvent yourself without screwing up your entire life?


7 Easy Ways to Brainstorm New Blog Post Ideas

You need some blog post ideas. There’s only one problem: You’re completely stumped.