Two Key Strategies to Land Remote Clients

When trying to land remote clients who you will likely never meet in-person, be proactive about cultivating your online presence.


Setting Up Your Remote Team to Work With Remote Clients

If you want your remote clients to stick around, be sure to establish clear expectations, processes, and lines of communication.


An Insider’s Guide to Coworking Spaces

To many people, including fellow remote workers, coworking spaces are still uncharted territory. Many prefer to work from home or coffee shops and wonder:  Why should I pay to work at a coworking space? There are so many shared offices out there – what should I look for? Where do I find coworking spaces? Which


5 Steps to Pitching A Remote Program at Your Work

You want the benefits of remote work but your company doesn’t have a remote work policy. It’s up to you to champion a remote work program.


How To Manage Virtual Teams

Try out these smart leadership strategies to motivate, empower, and connect your virtual team to the work at hand—and to each other.


How to Build Team Culture When Your Employees Work From Home

While a remote strategy will certainly change your team culture, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Build a strong remote team with these tips.


Remote Work Is Changing the Way Our Homes Look

With the inception of the personal computer, technology changed how we work. Now, the rise of the home office is begining to change how we live.


How to Leave Work at Work When You Work From Home

Flexible work boundaries often turn into ‘work without boundaries.’ To avoid burnout, learn how to leave work at work, even if you work from home.


Working from Home with Kids: What Works and What Doesn’t

We’ve compiled a list of what works when you work from home with kids, courtesy of 12 people that have tried everything—from splitting their screen between work email and YouTube cartoons to making an egg timer their best friend.


How to Avoid Common Remote Work Pitfalls

To fully embrace your new remote life, check out the ways our 100%-remote team avoids the most common remote work pitfalls.


Step by Step Guide for Organising an Epic Company Meetup

We are a fully remote company of 80 people working from 30 different countries. We love our remote set up, and most of us can not imagine going back to an office job. Yet, one of the downsides of the remote work is you can find yourself being lonely and feel isolated if you don’t spend face-to-face time with your colleagues. This is one of the reasons we organize team meetups throughout the year


Why Remote Work Fails and How to Fix It

Remote work can be a classic illustration of “expectations vs. reality.” Knowing its pitfalls and benefits can help you see if you’re suited to remote work.