Remote Work


Working from Home with Kids: What Works and What Doesn’t

We’ve compiled a list of what works when you work from home with kids, courtesy of 12 people that have tried everything—from splitting their screen between work email and YouTube cartoons to making an egg timer their best friend.


How to Avoid Common Remote Work Pitfalls

To fully embrace your new remote life, check out the ways our 100%-remote team avoids the most common remote work pitfalls.


Step-by-Step Guide for Organizing an Epic Company Meetup

We are a fully remote company of 80 people working from 30 different countries. We love our remote set up, and most of us can not imagine going back to an office job. Yet, one of the downsides of the remote work is you can find yourself being lonely and feel isolated if you don’t spend face-to-face time with your colleagues. This is one of the reasons we organize team meetups throughout the year


Why Remote Work Fails and How to Fix It

Remote work can be a classic illustration of “expectations vs. reality.” Knowing its pitfalls and benefits can help you see if you’re suited to remote work.


How I Survived the Transition From Developer to Manager

I never considered becoming a manager. When fantasizing about the future, I’d think of working as a programmer until I had enough money to switch to something different


How to Resist the FOMO as a Digital Nomad

FOMO is a real thing. Although its effects vary from person to person, it’s especially strong with me. Why is that, you might ask? Well, for the past year I’ve been making the most of working remotely by living in different places around the world. This has been incredibly rewarding but has made balancing fun


My Failures in Managing a Remote Team (And How to Avoid Them)

It has been exactly four years since I joined the truly awesome team at Toggl. Coincidentally, that was also the time when Toggl switched from a traditional office to remote working.


A Day in the Life of a Toggl Track Frontend Developer

I’ve recently found out pretty much all our frontend developers think working for Toggl Track is even better than what they expected when they applied for the job. Huh. Of course, as one of the earliest members of the frontend team, I’m glad to know we’ve been consistently exceeding expectations. But this information made me


Where We Work: Our Remote Staff Shares Their Workspaces

Toggl is a fully remote company with employees all over the world. This setup allows us to build an amazing, dynamic, global team. However, working remotely can be a lonely endeavor. That’s why we decided to share our workspaces with each other (and you!) It can be hard to create a culture in a workplace without


How to Find Work From Home Jobs in 2018

Today, it seems like almost everyone is on the lookout for work from home jobs that give them the flexibility to build their work around their lives—and not the other way around.


How to Escape a Volcano: Field Notes From Bali

On my 12th day in Bali, I was bitten by a snake.


5 Things People Don’t Tell You About Working Remotely

If you’ve read about remote work, you likely know the stream of amazing promises advocates make. If only you could work remotely–you’d have no more awful commutes, you’d be a productivity wizard, your hair would be shinier…