Customer stories

Discover how real teams around the world use
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Design agency

Ascend Studio:
Jim Walton

Keeping it fluid: why Ascend Studio chose Toggl Plan over whiteboards.

Digital Media Company

Ada Enechi

Clunky, complicated and no real-time updates: Why BuzzFeed's production team is happy to say goodbye to spreadsheets.

Design agency

Pärtel Vurma

How the need for a long-term overview made Velvet to ditch their beloved whiteboard.

Music & Broadcasting Company

Boiler Room:
Chanel Kennedy

When a spreadsheet just won’t cut it: how Boiler Room's production team manages a dozen projects at once.

Design agency

Atomic Smash:
Piers Tincknell

How Atomic Smash utilized Toggl Plan to solve capacity planning issues, increase collaboration and keep clients up-to-date.

Customer Spotlight


Ada Enechi

When Ada Enechi left her job at Red Bull, she also left her Excel spreadsheets behind.

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