Remote work handbook

We've found that successful remote teams rely on the core principles of efficiency, autonomy, and trust. See how we put these values into action at Toggl Plan.

Team values

Toggl Plan’s working culture can be summed up by 3 words: efficient, adaptable and kind. We have a team of highly-skilled individuals who aren’t afraid to move quickly and make mistakes along the way. That’s how we grow. We can trust each other to do our very best, and offer help when needed.

How we do remote

First, we make sure people can and do take ownership of their work. Teams have the tools they need to succeed and are actively involved in decision-making.

We also place heavy emphasis on communication. We discuss everything openly and honestly and expect team members to share plans, favorite memes, successes, failures, lessons learned and anything in between.

Finally, trust is key. Trust is earned when actions meet words. We believe that done is better than perfect, and expect people to stick to deadlines and follow-through on projects. There’s no need for micromanagement and red tape, because we trust everyone to do their jobs.

“I can plan my work around my life instead of the other way around. The flexibility of our remote work is unparalleled.”

Lisa Sullivan | UK | People Operations

“It's great to work with people who are skilled at what they do, and take ownership of their work without micromanagement. Our culture is all about trust, and it allows everyone to do their best work.”

Jakub Skrzypczak | Poland | Support Team

“Working remotely with flexible hours is a revelation. Being tied to a desk from 9 til 5 has well and truly gone out of fashion. Trust and respect underpin all of our work processes.”

Ryan prior | uk | marketing team

Happy people
work better

Remote work and flexible schedules also  give us a real opportunity to invest in the happiness and well-being of our staff. We make sure to meet up at least twice a year, offer professional growth and travel opportunities, and provide a budget for every employee to set up a comfortable home office.

“Working remotely at a time and place of my choosing gives me a chance to work, think, and communicate better than any busy office space.”

Aku-Jaakko Saukkonen | Austria | Product TEAM

Hire the right people

It's no secret a CV doesn't really say anything about a person. So we decided to skip that step. Instead, we use short skills tests to find the best candidates without skimming through piles of paper.

A remote work environment doesn't suit everyone. Therefore, we interview prospective candidates and offer the top prospects a paid test drive. This gives potential team members the chance to show off their skills and collaborate with our team. It also lets us see how self-motivated the person is and how well they communicate in a remote setting.

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