Our core values

Company culture is especially important in a remote setting. We're constantly working to make our remote work environment more supportive, productive, and fun. We set high standards and make sure everyone knows what's expected and what they can expect in return.


Trust and

Transparency is key, both within our team, and for us as a company towards our users. Our product fosters transparency in work, and we practice what we preach. When deadlines are openly shared, and everyone knows who’s responsible for what, it prevents micromanagement and reduces time-consuming back-and-forth.

It’s important for us to build trust within our team, by making a conscious effort to stay connected. That means regular facetime online, meeting up when we can, and ongoing conversations - both casual and work-related.

As a result, we've created an atmosphere where it's natural to be open and honest. Whether it's something joyful, a sudden obstacle, or challenging an idea, everyone is comfortable and confident in speaking their mind.

“One of the best things about working at Toggl Plan is the level of autonomy. Everyone is trusted to do their job without micromanagement, which makes for a calm and positive working environment.”

Liis Virki | Finland | Support Team

“With everyone’s strong sense of ownership and transparency, I always feel encouraged to do my best work.”

Aaron Noel De Leon | Philippines | Frontend Team

“At Toggl Plan, nobody is looking over your shoulder. You're a professional working to make the best product for our customers.”

Adrien Anselme | France | Backend Team



“We use tools (including our own!) and have developed processes that allow for greater transparency and communication within our teams so we can collaborate most efficiently. Sharing knowledge and generating ideas across teams is a really motivating component of our work culture.”

eliza hearsum | Sweden | Design team

“Working in a multicultural team is a very meaningful experience. You certainly improve as a
professional, but even more as a person. The most surprising thing for me is how we recognize and compliment the work of others. I've never worked on a team with that culture before and I really can't emphasize how important I think this is.”

Iuri Madeira | Brazil | Backend Team

We all strive towards the same goal: to build and share the best product out there. Therefore, our team is closely connected and collaborative. Everyone's ideas are welcomed and people pitch in whenever possible.

In a cross-functional team made up of people with different backgrounds and skill sets, we rely heavily on each other's communication skills. For example, a developer may need to articulate their ideas or progress to someone without much hands-on technical experience. That might be asynchronously, too, working with people across different time zones.

We’re a tight, versatile team. That means we’re willing to react fast, sometimes taking on additional roles to execute on whichever projects crop up. Setting deadlines, learning to evaluate the resources needed for implementation, and regular crystal clear communication are all important.


Efficiency, autonomy
and responsibility

One of the reasons we choose to work remotely is increased efficiency. For that to work, we need our people to be independent, willing to explore new ideas, and deliver results.

Motivation is a part of success in remote work. And as we've discovered, people are highly motivated when they get to decide how they work, what their schedule will look like and which path they’ll take to reach their goals.

To maximize our impact, we execute quickly and learn from failures. The constant cycle of executing and reviewing encourages personal growth, enables us to reach our goals faster, and improve the way we do things.

The biggest responsibility we have is to our users. We have set out to create the best tool on the market. That's why we always make sure we're as clear about our intentions as possible and communicate every message with integrity, honesty, and kindness.

“When my team trusts me, I realize my responsibility to not let them down. I have the freedom to decide everything, from content strategy to implementation, on my own. Yet, I find myself striving harder to deliver better results every time.”

Jitesh Patil | India | Marketing Team

“One of my favorite things about our work culture is how time off is respected and encouraged. Everyone knows there is life outside of work, which is how it should be.”

vadim KOTOV | Kazakhstan | frontend team

“It's very liberating working with people who are trusting and honest. It allows me the freedom to be expressive and creative, while being productive. I get to work on interesting problems, without the pressure of someone breathing down my neck.”

vishrut Patel | India | frontend team


Constant change

“At Toggl Plan, you’re encouraged to take action. Everyone is invited to contribute ideas, even if it's outside of your regular scope of work. If you can make a logical case for it, your voice will be heard, and you'll be encouraged to take the lead and make it happen.

While change isn’t always easy, it does help you grow. The constant work-in-progress in our product and how we work means that there are countless opportunities to grow and learn.”

Kati Kuustik | Estonia | Marketing Team

By launching and failing fast, we have embraced the fact that change is the only constant. We need to keep moving as a business to stay relevant, and developing as people to keep up with the ever-changing trends and standards in the tech industry.

By reacting fast and changing our course of action as needed, the work stays challenging and interesting.

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