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Moove It provided 100% client transparency with Toggl Track

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Moove It is a software consulting firm that designs, develops, and deploys custom software solutions for organizations that want to make an impact through technology. They currently have over 100 employees, distributed in four countries. Their headquarters are located in Montevideo, Uruguay, and they have offices in Austin, Texas, and Cali, Colombia. They also have remote people working from Colombia and Argentina.

Results with Toggl Track

  • Personalized time reports that delight clients
  • A better understanding of company metrics, KPIs, and efficiency data
  • Increased team performance, higher revenue, and insight into the best strategic choices
  • 100% transparency for clients
Moove It Team

Toggl Track allowed us to scale from a team of 35 people in one location, to a team of over 100 in four countries across myriad locations.

Gabriel Fagundez, Chief Operating Officer at Moove It


Moove It has a blend of developers with expertise in several technologies: Node, React, Angular, Ruby, Rails, Java, Swift, Kotlin, Objective C, Python, Elixir, and more.

Before they used Toggl Track, they tracked time through a manual process, creating custom PDFs for clients. While the bespoke attention to detail was great for clients, the effort it took to make them was not great for Moove It.

Even though Moove It provides staff augmentation services, they aim for true client partnership. They try to provide clients the ability to scale not only with development, but also product experience, project management, and related functionalities that go beyond development. That’s hands-on work! It requires lots of strategy, organization, and intensive client conversations.

They couldn’t afford to waste time on busy work, manually tracking all of their time. They needed to scale their time tracking process, provide transparency to their clients, and distribute responsibilities across the different roles of the team.

That’s when they decided to switch to Toggl Track.


Moove It decided to keep the bespoke PDFs that their clients love so much, but enhance them and streamline the process through Toggl Track. They made two game-changing decisions. First, they registered for a Toggl Track account. Second, through their internal CRM, they took Toggl Track data and integrated a layer of KPIs, company metrics, and weekly reporting.

The result has been 100% transparency and reports that make clients swoon. Whatever their team enters goes directly to clients’ reporting PDF, using a tool that integrates Toggl Track with project statistics and turns it into a report.

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“We are happy Toggl Track clients,” said Gabriel Fagundez, COO of Moove It.

Now, time tracking is taken directly from the source: Moove It employees enter their time directly. There’s no guesswork around how the team is spending their time, and managers are free to concentrate on higher level strategic decisions.

“Just like you go to a restaurant and get a bill for your meal, we need our clients to understand exactly what they’ve ordered and what’s been executed on,” said Fagundez. That transparency creates a trust that is further emphasized by the quality of the work.

“Through Toggl Track, our clients can feel like everything is under their control. We can facilitate that,” Fagundez said. “And none of this would be possible without Toggl Track’s data.”

Trusted by over 70,000 small and big companies worldwide
Company logos: Amazon, Uber, GE, LinkedIn, Netguru, Wise, SAP, Danfoss, Booking.com, BCG, Finnair, Salesforce
Company logos: Amazon, Uber, GE, SAP, Netguru, Wise, LinkedIn, Finnair

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