How One Communications Firm Found The Budget To Grow Their Team by 60% in One Year with Toggl Track

Paxson Fay is a five-person, woman-owned communications agency based in Seattle, Washington. They specialize in the fields of architecture and design.



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When your company suddenly grows, that’s usually a good thing. But, according to communications manager Anna Coumou, over the course of a year, their overnight success meant the demand to rapidly grow their company.

“We realized we couldn’t grow anymore unless we made substantial changes to our process,” Anna said. Before Toggl Track, Paxson Fay wasn’t using any time-reporting management. They needed a way to streamline work, inform efficiency, and come up with more insights at the end of each month.

So where would they look to find that? They knew they needed to scale their team, but they couldn't prove it– because they weren't tracking their time.

We had the feeling we needed to scale our team, but we couldn’t actually prove it - because we weren’t tracking our time.

Anna Coumou, Communications Manager


“Toggl Track totally transformed our business and our bottom line,” Anna said. They can staff their team appropriately, divide work evenly, and manage people. And that’s good for business.

Now, using Toggl Track, Paxson Fay uses data to inform their entire hiring process. They have grown their client roster because they feel empowered to place team members on projects where they have complete ownership, freeing up the C-suite to focus on business development.

Anna said, “As a communications agency, no two days are the same! We constantly juggle clients, projects, meetings, deadlines–time really does fly! Toggl Track is a super easy, intuitive way for us to track our time, keeping separate what we've been devoting resources to, and most of all: Look back on a day and gain insight into everything we were able to accomplish.”

Thanks to Toggl Track, Paxson Fay boosted their resource allocation by 60% this year. In agency world, where time tracking is crucial, they’ve used Toggl Track to unburden and streamline their workday. In their words, “It’s been a lifesaver.”


  • Grew team by 60% in one year
  • Grew client roster
  • Freed up C-suite to focus on business development
  • Empowered to place the right people on projects with more client face-time

Paxson Fay's Most-Used Features:

  • Simple time tracking
  • Reports
  • Time data for scheduling
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