From Time Tracking to New Client Acquisition, Revelation PR, Advertising & Social Media Sees Increased Efficiencies with Toggl Track

Revelation PR, Advertising & Social Media provides a full spectrum of marketing and public relations services primarily for the hospitality, tech and real estate industries, with clients including Cabela’s, Anytime Fitness and Hilton Hotels and Resorts.


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Like a lot of service-based businesses, Revelation PR, Advertising & Social Media bills hourly. That means that complete and accurate data about time spent on various clients and projects is needed to ensure a fair exchange — the client pays only for work done, and the agency gets paid for the work they do.

Before Toggl Track, verifying where the team’s time went was a tedious process.

“I hate to admit it,” says agency president Brian Lee, APR “but we used to use Excel spreadsheets. I’ve also used ClickTime.”

That process resulted in hours every week unnecessarily spent sorting, aggregating, and verifying the team’s time. “I needed an easy-to-use tool that could do this for me, plus a tool that could provide reports,” said Lee.

Toggl Track has made us more aware of the time we’re devoting to each task, and we’ve been improving our efficiency as a result.

Brian Lee, APR, President


Since 2013, Lee has used Toggl Track to manage his team’s time. An unexpected benefit, Toggl Track has helped improve company processes as well.

“Toggl Track has made us more aware of the time we’re devoting to each task,” he says, “and we’ve been improving our efficiency as a result. Even if you don’t bill hourly, it’s important to know how long you’re dedicating to each project so that you can find efficiencies.”

Lee now also relies on Toggl Track data when making key business decisions, such as how to respond to client requests for project changes or extensions. “I appreciate that I can now see how far along we are in the budget for a project at any given time, and that allows me to either accept or defer additional tasks within the project,” he says.

The ability to look back at historical time data within Toggl Track for a particular type of project or client has also made it easier for Revelation PR, Advertising & Social Media to generate estimates for prospective clients. And because Toggl Track’s cloud-based platform lets employees enter time from any device, Lee can be confident that the time data he’s using to make decisions is complete and accurate.

By improving the use of the team’s time serving existing clients, while also streamlining new client acquisition, Toggl Track brings tangible value to the business on a daily basis. According to Lee, “Any person looking to maximize their day should use Toggl Track”.

Revelation Agency's Most-Used Features:

  • Time-Syncing Across Multiple Devices
  • Project Estimates & Budgets
  • Billable Hours
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