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Time tracking Reporting Project management Team management Integrations Apps

Time tracking

  • Email reminders

  • Tracking time

  • Deleting time entries

  • Bulk edit

  • Adding time manually

  • Timeline

  • Autotracker

  • Tracking reminders

  • Tags

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Idle detection

  • Time formats

  • Offline mode

  • Pomodoro timer


  • Scheduled reports to email

  • Time audits

  • Locking time entries

  • Billable rates

  • Exporting (PDF, CSV)

  • Exporting (XLS)

  • Rounding

  • Saved reports

  • Company logo

  • CSV import

  • Summary, detailed, weekly reports

Project management

  • Project time estimates

  • Alerts for estimates

  • Tasks (sub-projects)

  • Project dashboard

  • Project templates

  • Archiving projects

  • Project colors

  • Unlimited projects and clients

Team management

  • Editing team members profiles

  • Adding time for team members

  • Required fields on a time entry

  • Unlimited team size

  • User groups

  • Deactivating users

  • Team's access levels

  • Team activity


  • iCal feed

  • Asana

  • Basecamp

  • Github

  • Toggl Plan


  • Mobile app (iOS, Android)

  • Desktop app (Win, Mac, Linux)

  • Toggl Track Chrome Extension

Remind your team members to track time if they've tracked less than their target hours.

Track the time spent on various tasks and projects and later analyze your productivity. It is effortlessly simple and available on all platforms.

Delete unwanted time entries with a few simple clicks on the Timer page or in Detailed Report.

Mass edit your data with a few simple clicks.

Not all time tracking needs to be done in real time. Add time later for activities that have already happened.

Record every website and program that you view for longer than 10 seconds.

Define applications or keywords that trigger the tracker and allocate the time to a previously determined project.

Get notified to start tracking in specific time intervals that you have set.

Add additional information to your time entries. Perfect way to mark what you've already billed.

Save time by using keyboard shortcuts all across Toggl Track.

Get notified of the time you've spent away from the keyboard and choose whether to keep the time, discard it or add it as a new entry.

You can track time both in the 12-hour format and the 24-hour format.

Track time even if you don't have a network connection.

Set up notifications that will let you know when it’s time to take a break.

You can set reporting filters, save the report and choose who you’d like it to be e-mailed to and when – daily, weekly or monthly.

Filter out all suspicious entries from your reports - either too short/long entries or the ones that are missing a project/task.

You are able to prevent previous time entries from being edited by your team members by locking them.

Insert hourly rates which are bound to time entry duration. Therefore you'll see how much you earned with each particular job.

Export your data from Weekly, Detailed and Summary reports pages as PDFs and CSVs.

Export your data from Weekly, Detailed and Summary reports pages as Excel spreadsheets.

Round your time entries in your reports. Choose to round either up, down or to the nearest and choose preferred rounding range.

Saved reports allow you to easily access your preferred reports, with specified filters, date ranges etc. You can also share a saved report's link with others.

Uploaded logo will be displayed on your reports.

Upload your data (clients, projects, users, time entries, tags) in bulk using the CSV import feature.

All of your data can be viewed in reports section. Pick the level of detail by choosing the report type; filter and sort your data, view it in pie charts and export your report.

You can estimate the time you think you'll need for a Project, then you can see how your actually tracked time compares to that.

Admins, project managers or project members can get notified when a project has reached a certain percent of its estimated time.

You can break down your Projects into more detailed lists. You can track time directly on these Tasks so you'll know how much time each step took.

Get a broad overview of how your Project is progressing. You can see which tasks took the most time and how much time your team already tracked compared to your Estimate.

This allows you to create many similar projects easily.

You can archive the projects you are done with to hide them while still keeping their data safe.

Mark your Projects with different colors to tell them apart at a glance.

Add as many Projects or Clients as you like and use them to organize the time you're tracking.

Enables workspace administrators to edit team members' names, access rights, billable rates etc.

If a team member forgot to add time, then this feature enables administrators to do that for them.

Define what your time entries must include: project, task, tag and/or description, and we won't let them be saved or stopped until the format is correct.

Add as many users as you'd like to your workspace. Payments are automatic, monthly and per user.

This feature is to make managing large workspaces a lot easier.

You can temporarily deactivate a user without having to completely remove them from your workspace. Members listed in the Inactive tab are not billed for.

Helps you to manage the access of different users in your workspace. There are three basic user access levels - workspace administrators, project managers and regular users.

Helps you to find out who tracked the most time during the last 9 days and most importantly - shows you what everybody is tracking in real time.

Integrate your Toggl Track time entries with Google Calendar.

Enables you to sync Asana users, projects and Tasks with Toggl Track. Task sync limited to paid plans.

You can import your users, projects, todo lists and todo items from Basecamp into Toggl Track so you never have to duplicate your work again.

Imports repositories from GitHub as Toggl Track projects.

Integrates Toggl Track with a time-saving online project planner and team calendar.

Track time from anywhere, even being offline. It's fast, responsive and simple to use.

Toggl Track Desktop is a small desktop application that will help you track time more conveniently. If you need track reminders, idle detection or Pomodoro, then that's for you.

Chrome extension that lets you track time from your favourite online apps and in any other place, wherever you are on the web. Toggl Track browser extension is integrated with more than 100 tools.


Working in a large or complex organization? Toggl Track Enterprise includes all Premium features, plus priority support. Additional services and custom pricing is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

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