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Toggl Track - Pomodoro Time Tracking

Tomato, Tom-ah-to, Toggl Track: Using Toggl With Pomodoro Time Tracking

The Pomodoro Timer. It’s everyone’s favorite tomato-based time-tracking method. And it goes with Toggl Track like, well, tomato sauce and spaghetti.

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Integrate Your Workflows

Do you want a free Pomodoro timer? Would you like it to include powerful time tracking and reporting tools? Well, you've come to the right place. With the Toggl Track browser extension or Toggl Track Desktop app, you can use the Pomodoro technique and take advantage of Toggl Track's powerful suite of features.

The Two Ways to Use Toggl Track’s Pomodoro Timer

With the Toggl Track Browser Extension

It’s simple to access Pomodoro mode in Toggl Track’s browser extension settings. As long as your browser is open, Toggl Track will give you the break reminders as they come up. It’s available for Chrome and Firefox.

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With the Toggl Track Desktop Apps

On Toggl Track’s Desktop App, you can also access the Pomodoro Timer feature. Go to your Preferences settings. Then, feel free to set custom time for work and break times. This feature is available for MacOS and Windows.

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Toggl Track task tracker app

We've got more!

Use Toggl Track wherever you work. Your data syncs across all Toggl Track platforms:

  • Toggl Track web app with advanced features

  • Mobile apps for time tracking on the go

  • Desktop apps for reminders and background tracking

  • Browser extensions with 100+ app integrations

Get accurate time reporting with Toggl Track for free.

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