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Send accurate invoices. Get paid faster.

Toggl Track is a simple, yet flexible time billing software for teams. Capture every billable minute, manage billing rates, and generate invoices from tracked time.

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Companies that use Toggl Track: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nielsen, XSmartLabs, BCG, UVAHealth, JLL, KPMG, Danfoss
Companies that use Toggl Track: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Nielsen, XSmartLabs, BCG, UVAHealth, JLL, KPMG, Danfoss

Trusted by 70,000+ growing teams worldwide

Time billing that builds trust

Say goodbye to missing billable hours and padded timesheets. Bill accurately for the exact time your team spends working on client tasks.

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Track billable hours accurately

Report every billable minute precisely with automated time tracking, start-stop timers, or manually adding and editing billable time entries.

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Generate invoices from tracked hours

Turn your tracked billable time into money. Generate customizable PDF invoices from your team’s tracked billable time in one click and send them to your clients.

Screenshots of a graph featuring project profitability, comparing earnings and labor costs

Deliver work profitably

Monitor client and project profitability by generating or creating custom reports. Forecast project budget and compare estimated vs. actual billable hours effort.

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My team is used to Excel timesheets. Do I need time tracking and billing software?

Yes, Excel is easy to use (and almost free). But it’s not without limitations.

First, they are not 100% accurate. Second, your managers must spend hours getting your team to fill them up and convert these timesheets into invoices. And third, it’s almost impossible to gain any insights from them. Toggl Track helps you overcome all three challenges.

Companies that use Toggl Track see:

40+ hours saved monthly

at Perception Engineering with one-click time tracking and reporting

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100% time tracking adoption

with easy, non-intrusive time reporting at software consultancy Newlogic

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20% increase in profitability

by accurately tracking billable work hours at Sweat+Co PR agency

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Want a time and billing system that works seamlessly?

Checkmark iconFlexible billable rates

Checkmark iconAccurate time tracking

Checkmark iconCustomizable invoices

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Not sure what time tracking and invoicing software features you need?

Toggl Track has everything you need, yet it’s easy enough for your team to enjoy using it every day.

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Customizable billable rates

Set custom billable rates for your organization, project, or team member. Save and access historical billable rates to gain accurate insights from past work.

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Track every billable minute

Use our web, mobile, or desktop apps to track your billable time. Track time automatically or set reminders for your team to start and stop tracking time.

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Import billable client meetings

Integrate and import your Google or Outlook calendar meetings. Track time spent on client meetings with just a few clicks.

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Monitor profitability

Track project budgets, estimated vs. actual hours, and labor costs vs. billed value reports to stay on top of client and project profitability.

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Timesheet approvals

Assign managers to review team time entries before they make it to the invoice. Generate accurate invoices, save time going back and forth, and build client trust.

A report
Custom PDF invoices

Generate a PDF invoice in one click. Add custom branding, customize invoice fields, and add taxes without wasting time compiling timesheets.

Integrations with popular online tools

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Tools: Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Trello, Zapier, Slack, Salesforce, Xero Zoho, Airtable

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Why 120,000+ users started tracking time with Toggl Track in the last 30 days

Capterra award: Voted best ease of use by 2256 reviews

100% accurate

Make every billable minute count. Bill accurately.

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I now know exactly how long tasks take and how much time I spend on client projects.

Andrew, Managing Director

Flexible time and billing

That adapts to your workflows

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Toggl Track lets me set up different rates and increments for each client, so the billing matches my contract automatically.

Danielle, Entrepreneur

Top-rated support

With a dedicated customer success manager for enterprise teams.

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Regular updates ensure that any bugs are caught quickly and customer support responds within a day; these features make using Toggl Track a breeze.

Trevor, Senior Project Leader

Stay organized

Switch between tasks, projects, and clients effortlessly.

G2 logo and five stars

Makes it very easy to add clients, projects, and time entries. I use it for both client billing and tracking non-billable hours.

Jim, Small Business Owner

Track time anywhere

So nobody views time tracking or reporting as a dreaded chore.

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I love how the desktop and mobile apps synchronize seamlessly. The reminders to track time and record idle time are handy.

Maryse, Security Analyst

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Small team and no budget? We have you covered

“The best free time tracking app”

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Learning to use Toggl is a breeze, because it's highly intuitive and simple. It ushers you along quickly so that you get back to work right away and start tracking your time immediately. The free plan is generous and could be more than adequate for solo workers or even small groups of up to five people with light needs.

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It's not one of those apps where you need to spend half a day figuring out how to actually use it: sessions can be started as they happen or added later, and once the app has got a feel for your schedule and how you work, it'll even make suggestions about what you want to track next.

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With Toggl Track, you can track your time right away and view your tracked time entries, and worry about the details later. It also has a generous free tier of service that gives you access to all its apps (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, and browser extensions).

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How does Toggl’s time tracking and billing work?

An illustration of a woman holding an email invite, dedicated to team members, the finance team, clients, and the CEO

Create your free account and invite your team

Get your entire team set up in seconds. You can invite up to five team members for free.

A snippet of time entry data such as clients, projects, and tags

Set up clients and projects

Create projects and categorize them by clients to keep your workspace organized. Optionally, add project tasks to track time against.

Toggl Track feature that allows you to set billable rates and labor costs for employees

Set billable rates

Configure billable rates at business, project, or team member levels to match the rates with your contract.

An illustration of a hand clicking on the 'Start timer' button with the macOS/iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, and Firefox icons on the bottom left

Track time

Use the web, mobile, and desktop apps to track time from anywhere. Record billable and non-billable time entries. Import client meetings and events from your calendar.

Various data elements such as a pie chart with billable information and total amount of time spent on tasks such as 'Meetings' and 'Bug fixes'

Monitor budgets and estimates

Use built-in reports or create custom dashboards to stay on top of estimated project budgets and compare them against billable hours.

Example of Toggl Track's invoice generated from reports

Generate custom invoices

Generate invoices based on your tracked time. Add custom branding and custom fields. Share the generated PDF invoice with your clients.

Join 5 million users tracking their time to get results

Toggl Track's Free plan is free forever. Our Premium plan comes with a free, 30-day trial. No credit card required to get started.


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Maximize your revenue. Get paid faster.

Generate accurate invoices based on your team’s tracked time with one click.

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