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Toggl Track Explores: So You’re Looking For Timekeeper Software

Trust and transparency are huge issues today. You want to find a timekeeper software you can trust. New data protection laws like the GDPR have provided great strides in privacy and data theft prevention. At Toggl, we want to continue the trend of respecting user and employee privacy.

Here are the key things you should think about when you’re exploring time-tracking options.

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Online Timekeeping And Advanced Project Dashboard

If you want to simply start and stop time, you only need a stopwatch. So get out of here! If you want advanced time-use reports, that’s another story. Toggl Track can filter reports for one or many team members, user groups, clients, tasks, and projects. That comes in handy when different people need different levels of access. Don’t you think?

Maximize Productive Work Hours

The best timekeeper software can be friendly without being too insistent. Let’s not go overboard. Toggl Track has an intuitive dashboard with friendly reminders - just a nudge, “Do you know your time tracker is still running?”

You can also assign targets to your team. If you need certain people to cut off their work at 20 hours, you can set that rule. If you need them to work at least 10 hours on a project per week, you can do that too. And integrate Toggl Track with your favorite apps, so that you’re supercharging your workday with productivity.

Manage Projects And Allocate Tasks

No matter what time tracker you use, you should plan to quickly set up team projects, and assign tasks to specific employees. That way, you’ll be able to show clients at-a-glance how much work is going on, and who exactly is doing it.

Say goodbye to hours and hours of admin and guessing. Toggl Track makes sophisticated timekeeping easy. You can estimate project costs, set goals, and visually manage work progress.

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The Bottom Line: Insightful Employee Timesheets

We’re clearly biased, but we think the best way to stay productive is to invest in timekeeper software to track and manage work hours online. The right timekeeper software will track and manage work hours online, without giving employees the feeling that Big Brother is watching them. Try to work out a “set and forget” timekeeping practice instead.

With Toggl Track, you can calculate billable hours and export timesheets. You can introduce a new level of trust and transparency with clients and colleagues.

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