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How It Works

Toggl Track's free browser extensions embed a Toggl Track timer into the interface of more than 100 apps, allowing you to track time within the app itself.

With additional features like pomodoro timer and idle detection, it's the ultimate tool to maximize your productivity and streamline time tracking into your workflow without needing to jump between tools.

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Download the plugins here:

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Fuss-Free Integration Setup

A step-by-step guide on how to integrate Toggl Track with WordPress

Add the free extension to your browser

Add the free extension to your browser

Download the Toggl Track extension and install it. Click here to get the Chrome extension, here for the Firefox extension, and here for the Edge extension.

Log in to Toggl Track & close the tab

Log in to Toggl Track & close the tab

The extension should now appear in your taskbar. Click on it and login into your Toggl Track account. If you do not have one, you can sign up for free here. Integration with WordPress works with a free account.

Enable the integration in the Settings page

Enable the integration in the Settings page

Click on the cogwheel icon to access the Settings page. In the Integrations tab, search for WordPress and select it to enable the integration. Your changes are immediately saved.

Start the timer in WordPress

Start the timer in WordPress

Head over to WordPress. You should now see a Toggl Track icon in the user interface. Clicking on it will open a popup where you can start the timer, add a time entry description, project or tags. You are now tracking time!

View and export time reports in Toggl Track’s web app

View and export time reports in Toggl Track’s web app

Head over to track.toggl.com to view your time entries or to export a time report. Voilà, it’s that easy.

Get the Toggl Track browser extension:

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Toggl Track's Free plan is free forever. Our Premium plan comes with a free, 30-day trial. No credit card required to get started.

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