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Time Tracking for Lawyers

Effortlessly discover how efficient and profitable your law firm is.

Toggl for Lawyers:

  • Charge clients accurately with real-time tracking or manual mode, with reporting features such as rounding and custom billable rates.
  • Know where your time actually goes and see if admin tasks are eating up a significant portion of your time.
  • Integrates with online tools, such as Trello and Google Calendar.
  • No learning curve: Get tracking with just one click. Auto-sync between Toggl web, mobile and desktop apps.
Trusted by over 70,000+ teams, including:
  • Deloitte uses Toggl
  • AllBright Law uses Toggl
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers uses Toggl
  • Collective Health uses Toggl
  • Google uses Toggl
  • Boston Consulting Group uses Toggl

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Toggl offers a free demo for 15+ teams to learn how to best use Toggl.

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Harvey Esquire used Toggl to automate their time tracking and recapture 25% of their billable hours.

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Features to help you handle your billing, work on your company’s internal efficiency and stay profitable.

Toggl Time Entries

One-click Timers and Manual Entries

It's one click to start the timer, one click to stop it. You can also restart time entries quickly based on your tracking history, allowing you to switch tasks with ease. Definitely don’t forget that we have a specific feature for rounding your time entries.

Time Tracking Reminders

Autotrackers and Reminders

Is your team forgetting to log their time? Don’t stress about it. We’ll send them a reminder if they’ve tracked less than their target hours. They can also set reminders for specific times or when they open their favorite apps.

Track billables for lawyers

Billable and Non-Billable Rates

Track your hours in real time, easily round your time logs, specify custom rates and handle your billing in a flash. We know that it’s important you’re paid fairly for all your work.

Timesheets for lawyers

Detailed Reporting

Get an in-depth look of the tracked time, use different filters to find exactly what you’re looking for, (bulk) edit your data, merge projects or export everything into PDF, CSV or Excel. Opportunities are endless.

Time Audits with all time tracked by your team

Time Audits for Reports

Catch incorrect entries in your time reports that your clients don’t need to see – with just one click. This way, you do not need to waste time on getting your teammates to review their timesheets.

Toggl Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard and Time Estimates

Delays usually mean underbilling, not overbilling. Compare project progress to estimated time with the Project Dashboard. We'll alert you when you are at 50%, 75% or 100% of your time estimates.

Toggl Time Entries Locking

Time Entries Locking

Your employees will not be able to edit their time entries after a certain point. This way, you can share the reports with clients or your accountant knowing your data will stay reliable.

Toggl works on every platform

Flexible Time Tracking

Start tracking in your browser, stop the timer on your phone - all your time entries are synced between the phone apps, desktop apps, the Toggl Chrome extension and the website.

Toggl Mobile with Calendar Integration

Calendar Integration

Looking for an easier way to track time? Turn your calendar events into time entries with just one tap on Toggl’s mobile apps.

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Streamline your workflow by integrating Toggl with your choice of tools.
We have over a hundred integrations to choose from!

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“I work in a legal industry where billing hours is a necessity. I have cut my logging time by 45 minutes/week when I started using this application and I have saved immense amounts of time for my colleagues by adding Toggl to their practice.”

User Review from Capterra

“We recently started using it in a wider team at a law firm. Since using Toggl, we've been able to check how much time we put on each client/project and then use that info as feedback when estimating new workloads and projects.”

User Review from Capterra

“Toggl's edge is its utter simplicity, and simplicity fosters buy-in. If you want to see how time is spent in your team, you owe members a simple tracking interface so that they can set, then work, and update with complete ease. Toggl does this.”

User Review from GetApp