How A Digital Services Agency Turned An Administrative Headache Into Second-Nature Time Tracking

Mediacurrent is a 90-person full-service digital agency. They implement open-source software development, strategy, and design to help organizations get a better ROI. They’re based in the southern US.


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Without the Chrome browser plugin, our team simply couldn’t track their time accurately. Now, Toggl Track is always just one click away. It’s helped us all to bill out properly, even with lots of context-switching and multitasking throughout the week.

Megan Harris, Digital Strategist


B.T. (Before Toggl Track), the Mediacurrent team used a slew of timers and note-taking apps to track their time each week. But they were out of luck whenever support for various apps suddenly ended, or when no one could get on the same page because they were all using separate systems.

Not to mention the transition between different projects, meetings, and development time. How could they keep up with it all? “When web development agency work is billed based on time spent, tracking makes or breaks your business,” Harris said. That’s when they decided to give Toggl Track a try.


“Toggl Track keeps me focused. I can say goodbye to the guilt that comes with multi-tasking or going off-topic,” Harris said. The Mediacurrent team can quickly toggle their time tracking between projects and tasks. Projects in the dashboard are easily customizable with just a moment’s input.

There’s no more need to spend hours calculating time allocation from disparate notes from papers and apps. The team’s Toggl Track dashboards seamlessly inform their timesheet reporting. “Toggl Track also gives us a snapshot of the time spent on individual tasks and projects,” Harris told us. “That makes billing clients way easier.”

And with the Chrome plugin so readily available, it’s become second-nature to track time. “Not only is Toggl Track easy to use, it’s actually difficult to forget to track our time,” Harris said.

Thanks to Toggl Track, administrative blunders and hold-ups are no longer a part of Mediacurrent’s time tracking lifecycle. When reporting aligns easily with all other record-keeping and billing – that’s the dream come true!


  • Easy integration with Jira and Confluence
  • Multiple filters for high-level and granular reports without technical challenges
  • Greater transparency from internal to external stakeholders
  • No surprises on time spent in development
  • A second-nature time tracking process that couldn’t be easier

Mediacurrent's Most-Used Features:

  • Toggl Track browser extension for Chrome
  • One-click time tracking
  • Toggl Track Reports
  • Team Dashboard
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