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The Best Recruitment Software Tools for 2024

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Every recruiter worth their salt uses recruitment software tools to give them an edge while tailoring job posts down to the very last detail. Are you doing the same?

If posting jobs has you feeling like you’re playing the role of Sisyphus — rolling the boulder up the hill and watching it roll back down again — we’re here for you. Because with the right recruitment software, forget rolling up the hill when you can shoot for the stars 🚀.

In this article, discover the top recruitment software tools for 2024 to refine your hiring process and streamline every aspect of candidate recruitment. We’ll cover:

Now, let’s jump straight in with the very best software recruitment tools!

1. Candidate sourcing tools

The problem: An increasingly complex job market

The hiring market is increasingly fragmented between multiple job boards, social media profiles, your career page, and other platforms dedicated to matching people with jobs. So, if you think hiring teams and recruiting agencies have a hard time figuring it out, try putting yourself in the shoes of job candidates.

What juggling recruitment software tools and recruitment marketing activities feels like these days.

The solution: Easier to find and connect with potential candidates

To help find the proverbial needle in the haystack, talent acquisition teams or recruitment agencies rely on the best recruitment software tools to save time, and help go after the right candidates. To make recruitment processes like candidate sourcing easier, companies are turning to modern recruiting solutions.

Leading recruiting tools to help recruiters and hiring managers with sourcing candidates include:

Manatal: This AI-powered applicant tracking system (ATS) further streamlines the hiring process by generating candidate scores and recommendations. It analyzes candidate data to provide real-time insights, helping recruiters make better hiring decisions and save time.

From candidate sourcing to candidate management, Manatal is a popular solution for hiring teams. | Source

SmartRecruiters: This enterprise-level recruitment platform is optimized for high-volume and career-fair hiring. It offers scalable solutions, including applicant tracking and job posting, to streamline recruitment and support effective talent acquisition.

SeekOut: A candidate sourcing software for technical and expert-level positions. It offers advanced search and filtering capabilities to help recruiters quickly find and engage top talent.

Lever: A high-volume recruitment system with advanced candidate nurturing features. It streamlines recruitment with an applicant tracking system, job postings, and candidate communication while improving the candidate experience.

Fetcher: This is a time-saving candidate sourcing tool with AI-generated recommendations and automation. It streamlines recruitment by integrating with HR technologies and improving the hiring decision process.

Fetcher is an AI-powered tool that can help recruiters source more top talent.

Did you know? An employee referrals program can greatly assist in the drive to source candidates by tapping into your employees’ network.

2. Candidate screening tools

The problem: Too many poor-fit applications, too little time

It’s not about finding any candidates but the right ones. And, unfortunately, a common problem faced by almost every hiring manager is how to sort through the avalanche of irrelevant applications — and distinguish the diamonds from the cubic zirconia.

Recruitment professionals after posting a new job that mentions remote work possibility.

The solution: Automated screening software to help shortlist talent

But who manually sifts through CVs anymore, anyway? In order to save critical time (and money), hiring professionals now rely on the latest recruiting software to automate the entire recruitment process.

Here are some of the very best recruiting software tools for automating the screening process:

Toggl Hire: The skills-based recruitment platform that provides hiring managers with insight into candidates’ job-specific skills to quickly identify quality talent. It offers a centralized platform for mapping out the hiring process, stacking assessments, testing technical and soft skills, and making data-driven hiring decisions with ease.

Greenhouse: Greenhouse’s resume focus enables recruiters to quickly identify and evaluate the most qualified candidates to fill vacant positions.

Freshworks: A leading all-in-one HR platform for fast-growing companies. It helps to reduce mundane tasks for hiring teams while rolling a wide range of HR functions into a single, comprehensive package.

3. Candidate management tools

The problem: Keeping track of candidates during the hiring process

Once the applications start rolling in, it can get difficult to keep track of them all. For example, tracking their progress and when to send out those emails. That’s where tracking can be a pain, especially when hiring for multiple roles.

Without top recruiting software, organizations would descend into chaos.
Without top recruiting software, organizations would descend into chaos.

The solution: AI-backed candidate tracking systems

An applicant tracking system that offers dynamic and customizable workflows with AI-powered analytics. And can help you understand where candidates drop off during the process and make predictions about the most suitable applications.

These are the best recruiting software providers for managing your candidate pipeline:

Workable: An end-to-end recruitment software that helps companies find, engage, and hire top talent. It provides automated recruitment tools and AI-powered recommendations to personalize and simplify the recruitment process.

Workable solves a wide-range of HR challenges, from candidate sourcing to screening, management, and hiring.
Workable solves a wide range of HR challenges, from candidate sourcing to screening, management, and hiring. | Source

BreezyHR: AI-powered recruiting software and applicant tracking system that also helps manage job postings and collaborate with team members. It’s specifically designed to work with smaller teams that need intuitive applicant tracking software.

BambooHR: HR management software that helps companies manage their employee profiles, onboarding, and performance. It also provides automated tools and applicant-tracking features to simplify recruitment processes.

RecruitCRM: An automated CRM that helps recruiters source, qualify, and track candidates. It provides personalized insights on candidates and job openings and intelligently predicts the best matches.

4. Interviewing tools

The problem: Interviews that take up too much team from the team

Interviews can be a time-consuming process, especially if you have a lot of applicants and a small hiring team. You need to finetune your questions, schedule interviews, book meeting rooms, invite team members, and then make sure to follow up with each candidate.

If you have ever wondered what it feels like to keep all interviews on schedule, candidates engaged, and the hiring team following the interview process.

The solution: Video interviews that can be done remotely

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility, speed, and ease of use. They are an effective way to screen applicants quickly, saving time and money in the process.

Here are three of the very best video interview tools on the market:

HireVue: An artificial intelligence-powered virtual interviewing platform with automated video and text interviews. It offers customizable video interviewing modules and integrates with existing HR systems.

Zoom: Even though it’s not a dedicated recruitment platform, Zoom can be used to conduct video interviews. It is used by millions of recruiters worldwide and is considered one of the best video conferencing tools available.

Toggl Hire: Our easy-to-use interviewing and assessment tool is the perfect solution for tech companies. Our platform allows candidates and interviewees to create pre-recorded and asynchronous videos with ease.

Benefits of virtual interviews
Virtual interviews are growing in popularity as they save time and money associated with traditional, in-person interviews.

5. Candidate assessment tools

The problem: You don’t truly know how competent a candidate is

We’ve all been there — when you think you’ve found the perfect candidate, only to realize that they don’t have the skillset you need. You then lament all the time spent only to have to go back to the job boards and start from the very beginning. It’s a mentally and financially stressful situation. But it doesn’t have to be.

Recruitment assessment tools are one of the latest recruiting software categories to emerge in the hiring market.

The solution: Online tests, assessments, and simulation

Candidate assessment tools help you to ensure that you’re getting the right people for the job. Tests, assessments, and simulations can help you determine a candidate’s level of knowledge and competency on a level that reading their CV and conducting interviews cannot.

These are some of the best recruiting tools for candidate assessments:

Hackerrank: It focuses on competitive programming challenges, offering a wide range of tasks in multiple domains. It also provides tools and services for businesses to screen and evaluate job candidates‘ technical skills.

Codility: Codility offers a library of coding exercises to help businesses evaluate job candidates’ technical abilities and make informed hiring decisions, providing instant and automated evaluations, as well as detailed reports. It also promotes best practices in software engineering and provides educational materials to help candidates improve their skills.

HackerEarth: HackerEarth specializes in providing a platform for technical skill assessments, coding challenges, and online hackathons, offering a wide range of coding tasks in multiple domains. It also provides instant and automated evaluations, as well as detailed reports, to support the hiring process, and offers tools and services for organizing and conducting online contests.

Toggl Hire: We focus on skill-based hiring and are perfect for a wide range of skills — from coding and technical skills to marketing, HR, finance, and everything in between! Our Test Library contains thousands of predefined skill-based questions designed by industry experts to help you quickly evaluate the skills and determine the best-fit candidate in no time.

Assess employee strengths with skills tests

6. Remote-specific recruiting tools

The problem: (Almost) everyone now wants to work remotely

Hiring remotely is nothing new, but organizations still struggle to find the right recruitment software for remote hiring.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work, introducing remote working to the world on a scale like never before. As a result, more companies are now open to the idea of hiring remotely but struggle to identify the right talent and fit for their company culture.

As of 2023, 12.7% of full-time employees worked from home, while 28.2% worked a hybrid model. According to Upwork, by 2025, an estimated 32.6 million Americans will be working remotely, which equates to about 22% of the workforce.

98% of workers expressed the desire to work remotely, at least part of the time.


The solution: Remote-specific tools take the headache out of remote hiring

Like popping a Xanax, remote-specific recruiting software can solve many (if not most) of the headaches associated with hiring and managing remote workers. For example, helping employers find the right remote-work candidates, streamline the hiring process, and get the best out of remote teams.

These are some of the top remote-specific recruiting tools available: An end-to-end remote hiring platform that helps employers find, hire, and manage remote talent. It offers tools and services to post jobs, screen candidates, connect with freelancers, and outsource tasks.

TazWorks: This remote-specific pre-employment screening platform helps companies verify the identity, qualifications, and work authorization of remote jobs.

Deel: Deel is the ultimate platform for global team management, offering an all-in-one software solution to manage payroll, immigration, and HR of your remote teams. It also helps you stay compliant with local laws and regulations.

Eliminate your remote hiring headaches with a modern software solution like Deel. | Source

7. Recruiting software tools for inclusive hiring

The problem: Managing the minefield of ethical and inclusive recruiting

Recruiters have to be very careful when crafting job ads to ensure that their messaging and targeting across job boards and recruitment platforms is ethical and inclusive. Especially important for targeted recruitment, a recruitment strategy typically used to fill technical positions that require a specific background or skill.

Recruiting software can help companies improve diversity and inclusion.

The solution: Tools that help support your inclusive hiring goals

To help employers create job postings that are free from bias and discrimination, a new generation of inclusive recruiting tools was born. These recruiting software tools offer features such as gender-neutral language, keyword filters, and diversity-friendly job descriptions.

Here are our best recruiting software examples for inclusive hiring:

Gender Decoder: Gender Decoder is a Chrome extension that helps employers craft gender-neutral job postings. It scans through job postings and offers suggestions for gender-neutral language.

Textio: This AI-enabled platform helps employers create more effective job postings. It uses natural language processing technology to analyze job postings and suggest changes to make them more inclusive and effective.

Charthop: Everything you need to achieve your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Includes key features such as in-built reporting to analyze trends and allows companies to visualize their DEI needs across a variety of parameters.

8. Candidate feedback tools

The problem: Getting feedback from prospective candidates

We know that you know just how valuable feedback from every candidate that joins your recruitment process is. Without a feedback system, HR teams will struggle to understand the candidate’s perspective and learn from both positive and negative candidate experiences.

The solution: Simple survey tools

Survey tools are the perfect solution for collecting feedback from new candidates. They allow HR teams to quickly create surveys for candidates to fill out after interviews. This allows them to collect and analyze data to improve the recruitment process and ensure a positive recruitment experience for future candidates.

Here are some examples of candidate feedback tools that you can use:

SurveyMonkey: One of the most popular survey tools, offering a range of HR-specific templates and features to help you create surveys, collect feedback, and analyze results.

TypeForm: TypeForm is a modern survey tool that offers a range of features for creating surveys, quizzes, and forms. It also supports custom themes and embeds and includes a range of customization options.

Google Forms: Google Forms is a simple yet powerful tool for creating surveys and forms. It supports various question types and data validation options and offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Candidate experience and interview feedback statistics
Candidate feedback is important. However, the bulk of companies are still behind when it comes to gathering feedback from candidates.

9. New employee onboarding tools

The problem: Perfecting onboarding for new hires

New employee onboarding is the process used by companies to introduce a new hire to the company, culture, policies, and employees. And is essential for helping new hires become productive and successful in their work. However, recruiting teams often struggle to perfect the onboarding process without the right recruiting software.

Employee onboarding should be a simple step-by-step process with the right recruiting tool.

The solution: Onboarding tools to smooth the transition and boost retention

Recruiting software aimed at onboarding can provide recruiters with the tools needed to make new hires feel welcome and valued from day one. Allowing recruiters to create customized onboarding experiences for each new hire, from assigning tasks to setting up mentoring programs.

Here are some examples of top recruiting platforms that are nailing new employee onboarding:

BambooHR: This is one of the most popular onboarding suits and includes onboarding workflows, checklists, and onboarding reports. It also allows you to assign onboarding tasks to managers, such as setting up email accounts and creating training plans.

Namely: An HR platform that offers a range of onboarding features, such as onboarding documents and sending welcome emails. It also has a signature capture feature to make document signing faster and easier.

Bob: Bob is a candidate experience platform that helps HR teams collect, analyze, and act on feedback from candidates. It also provides data-driven insights to help recruiters optimize the recruiting process and ensure a good candidate experience.

So, which is the best recruiting software?

Ultimately, the best recruiting software for you will depend on the specific needs and requirements of your company.

When choosing the right HR technology, it’s important to consider your company’s specific recruiting needs and budget and carefully evaluate your recruiting software options rather than simply looking for an all-in-one recruiting tool. And remember, each software solution comes with different features and functionalities at different price points.

But if you had to twist our arm, we’d be amiss if we didn’t say Toggl Hire. Our recruiting platform is specifically designed for small to medium-sized companies looking to streamline their recruiting process and reduce manual effort. Specializing in online skills assessments, you can go from hundreds of applications to a handful of great-fit candidates quickly and accurately.

Whether you’re looking to pre-qualify candidates in roles that require practical skills, such as developers and digital marketers, or want to spend quality time with only the most qualified candidates, we’ve got you covered.

Get started with a free trial.

Hire the right candidates with skills assessments
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