What are the Best Recruiting Tools for HR?
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What are the Best Recruiting Tools for HR?

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Hiring new employees for a company is an arduous and important task; get the right people and your business can thrive, hire the wrong people and you can lose money and time. Going through the process of recruiting new members to teams must be well thought through, and it needs to use all the tools it can to ensure a proper hire. There are several tools for recruiters available in the marketplace that can make the process easier for your HR department when it comes to finding the right people for the job. While the hiring process ultimately depends on the opinion of the recruiter, there are several tools available online and through apps to narrow the field down significantly.

Soft Skills Assessment

Soft skills are an important part of any job. Being able to effectively integrate with other people, work with them, and interact harmoniously so that teams of people are making progress without having to deal with interpersonal disputes. There are several tools for recruiters on the market that can help objectively measure the soft skills of any potential candidates. These use methods that monitor language processing, vocal recognition, and facial analysis to predict how they would work in a social situation.

Practical Skills Assessment

It doesn’t matter how well someone interacts with their team, or in the corporation as a whole, if they don’t have the skills that are required for the job. Pre-employment testing applications, such as Toggl Hire, are tools for recruiters that help you create robust and detailed tests for any potential candidates to take before they get to the interview portion of the hiring process. With the help of pre-employment testing, you can ensure fair and unbiased testing through an app or order to weed out those that don’t have the skills, reducing a potential field of 1000s to just the top 20 candidates who should push forward through to the next step.

Video Interviewing

In-person interviewing isn’t as common these days for the first interview, especially with recent global events making it less safe. With the greatly increased popularity of remote working, video interviewing has started to become a must for the recruitment process, and no longer is your entire workforce likely to be located in the same city or region. There are standard video chat programs that can be used for the interview, or for better tools for recruiters, you can use purpose-built applications, such as HireVue, that allow an interviewee to record their answers to interview questions on their own time. It’s great for a first interview.

Background Checks

It’s important to get a good idea about the background of any potential new employees before they are hired. A vast majority of employers conduct at least one type of background check on potential candidates, whether it is a criminal check, employment verification, or drug testing, and it is good to take advantage of tools for recruiters to make the checks easier.

Applicant Tracking System

Finally, it is important to keep all your potential candidates tracked through the whole application process, from the initial pre-employment tests to interviews, and to the final hiring. There are recruiting software services out there, like Greenhouse, that integrate well with other tools for recruiters that the best HR resource companies, like Toggl Hire, offer to ensure that nobody gets lost during the process, or that steps are not accidentally skipped.

If your company is looking for a robust system for pre-employment testing, then visit Toggl Hire today and test drive their tool for free.

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