How to Stay Relevant At Work (Hint: It’s Called Upskilling)

When my grandmother retired after 40 years of teaching, she walked away with a gold watch and a generous pension. Today, you might get that tenure and those perks if you work for the government or the military, and even then, it’s a big IF.  Times have changed. Today, getting a raise usually means jumping


10 Ways to Create Group Norms in Your Office

Years ago, I worked for a company that loved calling meetings but didn’t hold good ones. One of the graphic designers always showed up 10 minutes late and saw nothing wrong with whispering to a co-worker during the middle of a presentation. The head photographer paid more attention to his cell phone than the whiteboard.


Is “Permalancing” the Future of Work?

Here’s a riddle: I work for the same party from one month to the next, sometimes putting in nearly 40 hours a week, but have a lot of autonomy and flexibility in my schedule. What am I? Not a freelancer. Freelancers generally work on a project to project basis, although there are certainly exceptions. I’m


5 Powerful Benefits of Doing a Weekly Review At Work

When you are in charge of many different people, tasks, and projects, staying on top of things can feel nearly impossible at times. From meeting deadlines to handling task delegation, you have a constant list of problems to worry about. Technology can help you track some details, but a weekly review with each member of


20 Best Productivity Apps for 2020

The world is more distracting than ever before. From social media and streaming services like Netflix to video games and silly YouTube videos, our attention is constantly being diverted from our daily tasks. If you’re frequently finding yourself looking at your smartphone or falling behind in your workload, there are numerous productivity apps available to

Project Planning

Lessons Learned: A Simple Framework for Project Managers

“Not again!” I could hear Dan, one of the other project managers, from across the hall. Excusing myself to my co-worker, I hurried over.  “What’s happened?” He gestured to his computer screen, which looked like it had a new Easter egg screensaver. “Paul sent this UI to the client without running it by me first.”


The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Software

Going through the seemingly never-ending list of small business software available across the web is staggering and quite frankly exhausting. With thousands of companies out there promising solutions to every problem under the sun, how is a business owner supposed to know where to begin? Instead of spending entire days on Google looking at each


The Complete Guide to Work Management Software

As a business owner or team manager, do you ever find yourself wishing you had four arms to streamline your daily efforts? Whether you’re running a business on your own or you have a group of employees to assist you, there always seems to be something that has to be done. And after you complete


Home Office Setup Ideas From People Who Actually Work From Home

Fun fact: Our company is fully remote. That’s right, everyone at Toggl Plan works from a home office setup or from a coworking space. And it turns out, working from home is becoming more and more common. Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that in 2017, 5.2% of all U.S. employees worked from


How to Use Workforce Optimization (WFO) to Get Ahead of Your Competition

As I write this blog, I’m recalling my very first corporate job. I had my own office, but it had no windows, the fluorescent lights clicked and buzzed nonstop, and every available surface was covered with piles of paperwork that probably made more sense to the previous occupant than it did to me. Toda, we’d


How to Build a Tech Stack You Can Be Proud Of

As a manager, your goal is to make your company as successful as possible. This means removing inefficiencies and finding more effective ways to conduct business. And because of these goals, many managers are looking for the right tech stack to help them get things done. Your technology stack is crucial to your success as


Share the Hell Out of Your Projects

Sharing your Project plan timeline is now easier than before because we’ve heard what you’ve had to say – and removed every tiny thing that might sidetrack you from sharing your plans with clients. Smarter Milestones You can now create plan-based milestones that only show up on the plan you add them to. This way,