Your Team Should Start Using A Sharable Calendar. Here’s Why

In a complex business world, managing teams can be a difficult task. The world is changing, and with that, so is the way we do business. A few decades ago, running a company meant having a stand-alone office with employees sharing the same working space from 9:00-5:00. Organizing and delegating responsibilities within a company was


5 Things to Know About Leading a Creative Team

How to Make Teamwork Work I’ve been lucky to have countless experience in cross-functional teams, very different in group dynamics, sizes and goals. Some of the work done in those groups has been very successful, and some has failed miserably. And the reason behind the latter has never been the capabilities or skill, but more

Time Management

How to Beat Procrastination and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Let’s face it, we all have these unrealistic ideas on what our evening after work will look like. “I’m going to go home, clean the house, wash the dishes, do some laundry, hit the gym, make some dinner and read that book that’s been calling my name for weeks. Today is the day”. And then,


Are You Ready for Your Project Management Tool? [Infographic]

The project management software market is a busy pond – rightly so, as the number of first-time buyers of project management software is up by 14% from 2014.

Project Planning

How To Succeed With Flexible Planning

How do you make plans in an environment of constant changes? Our experience tells us one thing – be flexible. Quickly adapting to the new situation and letting go of old plans is the key. You shouldn’t make very specific long-term plans. Agile, scrum, Trello, sprints – these and many other keywords mark today’s approach to planning. It’s


Best Free Tools For Scheduling Company Holidays, Trips & Events

The choice of tools and apps that would help out with scheduling company holidays and business trips is surprisingly slim. Fortunately, you only need one software tool or app to get the job done. Here is a selection of the best free tools for scheduling company holidays. These tools will fit the different planning requirements


The Ideal Manager: Best Attributes to Strive For

In my relatively short professional career, I have experienced more managers and managing styles than I care to count. I have experienced the motivating and trusting, as well as the critical and controlling. It can be somewhat difficult to pinpoint what makes an ideal manager and what does not. But I feel we can definitely

Project Planning

6 Highly Successful Social Media Campaigns From The Recent Past

There are many instances where social media campaigns have worked exceptionally well in promoting the brand and were able to send the brand’s message to a wide audience. Conducting campaigns over the social media and making them interesting so they can become viral and boost the brand awareness and engaging a whole lot of new