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Best Online Work Planning Tools For Entrepreneurs

At first sight, an entrepreneur’s work is dream-like. You get to be your own boss, you make your own schedule and you cash in on the profit. You get to do what you want to do when it comes to work as well. There’s one small detail: it isn’t always so. An entrepreneur’s work is


Why are Gantt charts used in software project management?

In our previous posts, we have listed some advantages of using Gantt charts and discussed when they should be used if we want successful project tracking and reporting. We stressed how important Gantt charts are in establishing the critical path, dependencies, slack, and assessing the overall progress of a project. Software project management differs from

Gantt Chart

When should we use Gantt charts for project management?

When should we use Gantt charts for project management? We have discussed in an earlier post about the many advantages Gantt charts have to offer when it comes to project management. Whenever you feel bombarded by endless tasks or you feel that you have lost focus of the project, we recommend you use Gantt charts.


What Are The Advantages Of Using A Gantt Chart In Project Management?

Ok, so you’ve got your next project coming up and it’s time for planning. If you’re like us, you are probably well fed up with the boredom of planning stuff in classic to-do lists and you crave for something visually more appealing and motivating. Welcome to the wonderful world of Gantt charts. This method of


Choosing the Right Project Management Software: a PM’S Guide

When it comes to organizing work, there are a lot of options available. To do apps are great for organizing personal workload. But organizing a team’s workload needs dedicated project management software that enables communication and collaboration. That’s why selecting the right project management software is so important. The right tool will impact project success

Project Planning

How setting milestones affects the project planning process

So, you are highly motivated and you have got this great idea and an innovative project in mind. You put together a team that is committed to the vision and the tasks ahead. You are ready to take the plunge into awesomeness, and the first big step is planning your project. The problem is that

Project Planning

8 Fundamental Skills Every Project Managers Needs In 2021

According to a Project Management Institute report, 15.7 million new project management jobs will be added globally between 2010 and 2020. This makes project managers some of the most sought-after candidates of the decade. However, even if it’s high in demand, a project manager’s job is a difficult balancing act. On any given day, project


Top 5 Project Management Methodologies

What’s the best way to manage a project? Like with most things, the answer is: it depends as each project has requirements. This is where knowledge of project management methodologies comes in hand as it can help project managers figure out the best approach. To this end, we put together an article about the most

Project Planning

How To Plan a Marketing Campaign Roadmap With Milestones

What’s one of the factors that has the biggest impact on a marketing campaign’s success? If you’re tempted to say that it’s the idea behind it, you might want to think twice. You know the saying – “Ideas are a dime a dozen”. No matter how good or original an idea is, if you want


Roadmapping Your Startup’s Success #1 – What Product Roadmap Tool To Choose

There is a popular saying often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management; “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Well, we think that a startup without a solid plan, a roadmap, won’t get too far. A roadmap for your next startup can help you define goals, set deadlines and keep the stakeholders


How to Set Up a Project Calendar

Project calendars matter! As an experienced project manager, you know your team members need 24/7 (and updated) access to their project management timeline.

Project Planning

8 TED talks that will help you be a better project manager

TED talks are wisdom gold nuggets distilled into a maximum 20-minute talk. Some are funny, some are informative, others are downright inspirational. The thing is – there’s always something you can learn from a TED talk. That applies if you’re a project manager, too. While there are playlists on time management, work and other relevant