Project Planning

Project Planning

The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Design Brief

If you’d asked me two years ago to show you how to write a design brief, I’d have said no. I know that sounds melodramatic, but it’s my way of saying that I didn’t like design briefs. I’d seen too many of them that were as original, meaningful, and appealing as another Kardashian. I also

Project Planning

Write A Design Proposal That Wins Clients Every Single Time

You’re about to submit a design proposal to a potential new client. Your heart is racing, and you feel both stressed and exhilarated. After all, a winning proposal means the difference between landing a new client and losing potential business. As a designer, writing up a perfect design proposal is absolutely essential. So how do

Project Planning

The One Small Mistake That Kills 99% of Project Proposals

It was literally my first week as a project manager. I had always thought that the first week in a new position was when all the good things happened. New office. New furniture. Congratulations from former colleagues and introductions to new ones. There was supposed to be some unwritten law that you didn’t have to

Project Timeline

Successful Project Management: Why Planning on a Visual Timeline Is Key

At the end of the year, our team decided that we wanted to write case studies to share on our website. When we started out our case studies project, I felt nervous. I usually work alone, and it had been a while since I’d had to make sure other people on my team were informed

Project Timeline

These Timeline Creator Tools Will Make Your Job Way Easier

As a project manager, there are two things that I’d be lost without: my massive art deco mug loaded with diesel-grade coffee and my timeline creator. The first gets me started and keeps me going. The second shows me how to get there. Why Project Timelines Are Important Your project timeline serves several essential purposes,

Project Planning

Forecasting: The Secret Ingredient Your Team Needs in 2019

We thought we had it all planned. My best friend wanted a destination wedding in Bali, and we were determined to make the experience one that she would never forget. We found a charming beach with a single hotel that would accommodate the entire wedding party and guests, sourced a local florist to turn the

Project Planning

Deliverables: Everything a Web Designer Needs to Know

When you sign up for a project, you’ve essentially promised to “deliver” a product to the client at the end of the process. The end product is the deliverable. Deliverables can be something as massive and tangible as a department store, or something as small as a single page document. A deliverable can even be


6 Tips From a Project Scheduling Pro

Whether you realize it or not, you’re a project manager in some way. From school work, to a job in an office or even working freelance, you’re  responsible for managing your own project scheduling. It’s not always easy, but with a few tips and a little experience, you’ll be project scheduling like a pro in


Here’s How to Plan Better Projects Using a PERT Chart

Using a PERT chart can help you understand what tasks are involved in a project, how long they take, and how they’re all connected to each other.


The Best Business Management Software for Creative Agencies

The Digital Age is the best thing to happen to creative agencies since the advertising boom of the 1950s and 60s. (Mad Men is a great primer on that era.) The Internet has made borders and distance inconsequential, allowing agencies of all types to serve clients in real-time and recruit talent across multiple time zones.


The 10 Best Project Planning Software Options

Have you been planning your projects using a basic Word document? Or even worse, in a spiral-bound notebook? It may be time to look into the best project planning software options available to you online. Each of these apps offer great functions that make the planning process much simpler and allow you and your team


10 Low-cost Project Management Tools you Can’t Afford Not to Use

The right project management tools can help managers become more organized while also reducing the costs involved with carrying out the project. Many of these programs allow team members to collaborate in real time as they share documents, ideas, and questions. Online tools can help make project cost management more affordable than it has ever