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Five Types of Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

Julia Masselos Julia Masselos Last Updated:

Pre-employment assessment tests, when used properly, can be incredibly useful for giving additional insight into potential employees. They can help to narrow down the candidate list for a popular job posting, they can give some additional information about each potential candidate, and they can even help sort candidates for more appropriate roles within your organization.

Most people are aware of pre-employment assessment tests that have existed in some professions for many years. For example, physical activity tests for firefighters and psychological tests for police officers have been common for a long time. Now employers are using a variety of pre-employment assessment tests to find good matches with potential employees in all kinds of industries.

Types of Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

Pre-employment assessment tests can assess a wide range of skills, and the type used depends on what type of hire the employer is looking for. Here are a few common types of pre-employment assessment tests:

1) Technical Tests

Technical pre-employment assessment tests are most often used for jobs that require a specific knowledge base or expertise. Accounting and IT recruitment teams most frequently use technical screening tests, but recently, these tests have been used for customer service, sales, and marketing roles too. Some employers choose to use extensive technical tests while others just want to know that applicants have a baseline knowledge.

2) Soft Skills Tests

Pre-employment assessment tests that rank soft skills are testing for things like attention to detail, leadership ability, motivation, and emotional intelligence. Soft skills are usually assessed during the job interview but using a pre-employment assessment test can help to narrow down a wide range of applicants.

3) Hard Skills Tests

Hard skills tests are pre-employment assessment tests that focus on specific skills needed to be successful in a job, but not the specific knowledge of technical tests. These might include skills like typing speed, computer literacy, and data-input accuracy.

4) Cognitive Ability Tests

Cognitive ability tests are pre-employment assessment tests that look at an applicant’s mental ability to do a job. These test logical, verbal, and numeric reasoning. Some employers are looking for applicants that score higher in certain categories of cognitive ability tests.

5) Integrity Tests

In order to test the reliability of potential candidates, some employers use integrity pre-employment assessment tests. These tests help an employer to know if the candidate has the type of integrity and ethical motivation required to do the job and if they would fit into the overall ethical image of the company.

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