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What are Pre-Employment Tests and What Do You Need to Know?

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Recruiting is difficult. While hiring businesses now have more access to quality candidates than ever before, this also usually means that unqualified or under-qualified candidates can easily apply for positions. The result is hundreds of applications being sent to almost any position posted and leaves hiring managers drowning in too many applicants to find someone great in a timely manner. So how do today’s businesses streamline the process and speed up their hiring process without compromising on quality? Many are turning to pre-employment tests to help.

Pre-employment tests, as we will explain below, are key to finding quality candidates and figuring out more about them before you bring them in for an interview. In fact, with the right test, you can whittle down your applicant pool to just the best without having to read through every application package.

What are Pre-Employment Tests?

While many people associate pre-employment tests with background checks and drug tests, the tests we are talking about are skills-based evaluations given to prospective employees. These tests can range from multiple choice to scenario-based questionnaires, but their goal always remains the same: to give hiring managers a better idea of their applicants’ skill levels before they bring them in for an interview.

Advantages of Pre-Employment Tests

So what makes pre-employment tests such a great tool for hiring managers? The major benefits can be broken down into three broad categories: hiring efficiency, knowledge testing, and increased quality of interviews. These tests will initially get rid of candidates who are unwilling to write them, lowering the number of poor-quality candidates. Then, you can look through the tests and questions to take a deeper dive into how they handled specific questions, giving you a better idea of their competencies than a resume ever could. Finally, with a more holistic look into their abilities, you can call in interviews that will be much more productive, helping you find the best person much more quickly.

The Seven Types of Pre-Employment Tests

Pre-employment tests can vary almost as widely as the candidates and positions that they relate to, but in general, they can be broken down into the following seven basic types:

• Job knowledge tests

• Integrity tests

Cognitive ability tests

• Personality tests

Emotional intelligence tests

Skills assessment tests

• Physical ability tests

Each of these tests can help you ascertain a better understanding of a candidate and get a glimpse into how well they would act in the position. And with the help of a quality tool that easily builds pre-employment tests, any hiring employer can use them to help in the hiring process.

Toggl Hire is revolutionizing the hiring process through our innovative pre-employment tests and test building tools. We are dedicated to helping employers find the perfect candidate quickly and with confidence. In today’s world, that means helping employers cut down the number of irrelevant applicants, sorting through the remainder, and asking to interview only the best. If you are looking to streamline your recruitment process while also getting the best candidates possible, then Toggl Hire can help.

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