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What to Expect from Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

Julia Masselos Julia Masselos Last Updated:
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How does a company improve the candidates that they actually assess? Many sites and platforms offer solutions, some claiming to get the right candidate in less than 24 hours, but these often don’t account for quality. The best way to find that perfect candidate, and make it easier in the process, is through pre-employment assessment tests.

Pre-employment assessment tests are a fast, simple way to assess a candidate before you go through their resume. But what are they exactly? And what can you expect from them? Here are a few things to know about these tests and why Toggl’s pre-employment tests are the gold standard for curating a list of great candidates for interview.

What are Pre-Employment Assessment Tests?

When people think about employment-related tests, they often think about things like background checks or physical assessments. While these are vital for hiring in some fields, pre-employment assessment tests are actually focused on getting employers candidates with a proven skillset.

Simple Tests Designed to Assess Skills

Creating these tests used to be difficult and time-consuming. They required HR staff to compose the tests and assess them before sending them out to potential candidates. What’s worse, larger organizations discovered that candidates could find the answers online. Toggl Hire changes this completely.

By creating a databank of test questions for any number of skillsets, from Facebook ads to Excel proficiency, Toggl Hire’s users can create a robust skills test for over 70 positions in just a few clicks. These pre-employment assessment tests effectively assess candidates and, more importantly, can be put into the application process with the click of a button.

Tests that You can’t Cheat

We all know that we get thousands of applicants to any job post because the job market is competitive. Unfortunately, many job seekers out there are willing to go to extra lengths to get an interview, including finding answers for pre-employment assessment tests online. And while many companies use standardized tests, Toggl Hire has created a test system that’s virtually cheat-proof. This is through randomized questions, which ensures no candidate will get the exact same set of questions on their test, even though the same skills are being tested.

This happens in two ways. Firstly, having a large body of questions to draw on means the probability of getting the same combo of questions is virtually zero. Secondly, users can actually set up questions that are random internally as well, meaning the question will be similar but the values inside will be different. So if you ask for, say, the “Math.floor” value for a specific number, the number itself will be random, and the correct answer will automatically be created with the logic. This makes some of the pre-employment assessment tests you can get through Toggl Hire entirely unique for each applicant, and it basically makes cheating impossible.

Are you in need of quality candidates but sick of combing through hundreds of applications? Toggl Hire’s pre-employment assessment tests are the answer. Our tests are easy to set up, essentially cheat-proof, and they assess a candidate before you even look at their resume, cutting down on the time you spend looking at resumes and increasing your chances of getting the perfect candidate.

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