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5 Benefits of Online Assessment Tools for Recruitment

Julia Masselos Julia Masselos Last Updated:

The internet is a huge part of our daily lives, so it’s no surprise that employers have recognized the advantages it can bring to hiring and managing their employees. Using online assessment tools for recruitment is a great way to reduce hiring and training costs, and to make sure you put all the right people in the right places! Here’s how.

Screen Employees Pre-interview

It can be difficult to assess a candidate based on their resume alone and scheduling and conducting interviews is time-consuming. Online assessment tools for recruitment can provide additional screening that you couldn’t otherwise determine just based on an applicant’s resume. These skills assessment tests and surveys can help give you unbiased ways to simplify your applicant pool and more quickly create your “short list” of candidates that can be moved to the next step and interviewed.

Personality Tests

Your business is unique, and you’ve built up your own culture between yourself, your employees, and your customers. An employee that does not mesh well with your organization can be detrimental to productivity, no matter how technically skilled they may be for the position. A bad hire that upsets your work environment’s balance can cost time and money, but it can also have an effect on retention of your other employees and customers. Online assessment tools for recruitment can help weed out those elements before you introduce them into your company’s ecosystem.

Customize Questions to the Role

Employment isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is hiring. Properly using online assessment tools in your recruitment process can be a great way to make sure you’re looking at the right people, but you also have to be asking the right questions.

If your business is an electrical supply company and you’re hiring a new warehouse manager, your questions should focus on warehouse operations, safety, and managing inventory and other staff members. On the other side, if you are hiring a new sales desk associate, the questions should be geared more towards client relations, order input accuracy, and the knowledge of the parts. Your business and its roles are multi-faceted. Online assessment tools for recruitment are customizable; use that to your advantage to get the right people where you need them.

Data-Driven Results

Unlike a traditional interview, where much of the scoring is based on how the interviewer perceives the answers, online testing can deliver data that is easily comparable across the board, easy to read, and unbiased from the interviewer’s opinion. While personal gut feelings are definitely important in operating your business, looking at numbers leaves very little to debate. Online assessment tools for recruitment help compare candidates both pre- and post-interview.

Identify Training and Coaching Opportunities

While it’s useful to apply online assessment tools for recruitment, these results can be used effectively afterwards. These tests can show you which applicants may be weak in specific areas that may be exclusive to your company so that you can coach or help them adjust post-hiring. It might be a small gap in their product knowledge or experience with a certain type of machine that you use on your sites. This can help reduce the number of mistakes the employee may make, as well as make sure everyone’s being safe.

Finding the perfect people to help your business thrive and grow can be a frustrating endeavor. Making use of online assessment tools for recruitment can help to quickly simplify that process and let you get back to operating your company. Visit our website for more details.

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